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  • Everything Apple Announced At WWDC 2013
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Yesterday, Apple held its WWDC 2013 conference. While things started off on the slow side, the conference quickly picked up the pace with the all new iOS 7. From there, things just got better. Here's what you missed.

Apple's New Hardware

New MacBook Air

Apple announced an all new MacBook Air with Haswell. These are the first MacBook Airs to receive Intel's new Haswell processors. What does this mean? Apple stated a near 40% increase in graphics speed and greatly extended battery life. The 11-inch Air will now get around 9 hours of battery life, and the 13-inch Air will now get around 12 hours of battery life. That's impressive. Apple will ship the new Airs today at $999 (11-inch) and $1099 (13-inch).

Redesigned Mac Pro

In addition to the new Airs, Apple has also announced a new design of the Mac Pro. The desktop computer from Apple rarely gets an upgrade, but Apple has put forth a stunning new design. Future Mac Pros will come with AMD GPUs, Thunderbolt 4 and 2K displays, and a really different look. The new Mac Pros will be a lot shorter and thinner than previous versions - so much so that you'll barely recognize it. This version of the Mac Pro will arrive later this year (probably around November).

Airport Extreme and Time Capsule

Apple also announced updates to the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule. Both the Extreme and the Time Capsule will receive upgraded next-generation WiFi and 1.3Gbps. These units have also been redesigned in a far more compact way. You can get your hands on the Airport Extreme right now for $199 and the Time Capsule for $299 (2TB) and $399 (3TB).

And Then There's...iOS 7

The big announcement at Apple's event was the introduction of iOS 7. Apple's interface hasn't changed that much since the first iPhone was released back in 2007. Yesterday, Apple finally revamped that interface putting developer Jony Ive's talents to good use. In one word, the new iOS 7 is: simple.

Icons have become flatter and more simplistic. You'll also see that font sizes are smaller and more compact, the slide to unlock screen has a new look, and a new tilt feature makes it easier to look at a screen.

Users will also see that touch features are easier to use too. You can now pinch and scroll more than you could before, and that makes using an iPhone easier. Apple clearly wanted to develop an interface that finally catches up to what other developers are putting out, and that's exactly what iOS 7 does.

Apple has also revamped the notification center (which was in desperate need of a rehaul), so you don't have to dismiss the same notifications a bunch of times, and you can access things simply from the lock screen. Take a look at my more in-depth iOS 7 article for additional details.

Streaming Music

Lastly, Apple has finally unveiled the company's new streaming music service. iTunes Radio is completely free to everyone. You will see some ads if you don't subscribe to iTunes Match, but iTunes Radio offers as many music channels as competitor streaming services.

You can also follow song links to the iTunes store in order to purchase tracks that you like. The whole thing is simple, though Apple is coming late to the streaming game. Yesterday's conference was packed with updates and information that, once again, may put Apple back on top.