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  • What Might Happen at Apple's WWDC Today
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Apple conferences used to excite the tech world. But the last few Apple products and developments weren’t all that exciting. So even though Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is just a few hours away from the time of this writing, the tech world isn’t as excited about this conference as they have been approaching conferences past.

But there’s hope for Apple yet. Leaked images point to some changes coming to the iPhone that may be of interest to current and future iPhone users. iOS 11 might also come with a new file management app that many people have wanted (and will appreciate). So here’s what the tech world is talking about ahead of the upcoming WWDC 2017.

File Management System

The current iOS lacks a file management system like the kind that you probably have on your desktop or laptop. You can store files in the cloud, but that’s not really the same thing as dragging and dropping files into a file management app. Apple hasn’t yet confirmed any of this, but a reporter from The Verge spotting the leak in the Apple Store (that leak has since been removed from the store).

So what else might Apple be cooking up? There are some other rumours flying around on the tech streets. This close to the Apple conference, most of those rumours are probably accurate too, or not too far off. The other thing that Apple might be announcing today is the ability to delete apps that come with the new iOS.

The End of Siri?

Some tech writers have noted that Apple might be getting rid of Siri as the AI pertains to iOS. Siri might be moving off of iOS and onto something external, but, again, this is all speculation. It might make sense for Siri to exit, though. Siri is slow, can’t really keep up well, and kind of holds the current line of iPhones back.

Then again, a lot of iPhone users have come to rely on Siri, so we’ll see if Apple gets rid of the useful helper. Aside from those details, it’s hard to say what Apple will be releasing at this year’s conference. If you are an avid Apple fan, you might want to tune into this year’s conference live.

How to Watch WWDC 2017 Live

If you are off today (or just want to avoid working), there are a few ways to tune into Apple’s live stream conference today. You can watch the conference on Safari (using Mac or iOS), by using Edge on Windows 10, on an Apple TV generation 4, on an Apple TV generation 2 or 3 (using the Apple Events channel. There are also a myriad of technology blogs streaming commentary live today.

Of course, you can head to Twitter using the WWDC hashtag or the Apple hashtag to see what other viewers are noting about the conference. All of these are good options if you want to hear what Apple has been up to over the past few months. I’m just hoping for some innovation mixed in with the necessities.