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  • Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Watch
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Yesterday, Apple’s Tim Cook presented the Apple Watch to the world. While most of us expected Cook’s announcement to be about the watch, the exact details of the timepiece were unknown. Here’s what will be included with the new Apple Watch.

First, The Price

It was already known that the base model would retail for $349. What wasn’t known is that Apple has created two additional models. The mid-range model will retail for $500-$700, and the special Rose Gold edition will sell for $17,000. These prices are definitely on the high side, and it’s hard to imagine that Apple will sell many of these watches for that price.

Now, the Details

The Apple Watch is directly tied in with the iPhone. The watch will work with the iPhone 5 or later (not just the 6), and you do need an iPhone if you’re going to enjoy what this watch can do. The watch has to be charged nightly (it’s not supposed to run continuously like a phone, but it should tick for 18 hours on one charge. The watch charges with the help of a magnetic charger that can be attached to the back of the watch when the device needs to be charged.

The watch doesn’t do anything if your wrist is flat, but when you start to move your wrist around, the watch jumps to life displaying apps and a home screen. Twist the watch to move through screens and to access menus. Push a button, and you’re back to the home screen. The watch is simple enough to use, and you can even customize the face of the watch by changing the color. You can also send photos and pictures with the digital touch communicator.

More than a Wrist Phone

Even though the Apple Watch can do pretty much everything that your smartphone can do, this watch does more than that too. Underneath the face of the watch (the part that touches your skin) is an LED heart-rate tracker.

You can also talk to the watch to get Siri-like help. The heart rate monitor might be why some people would want this watch. Then again, there’s some stiff competition in the heart-rate and fitness watch and band world, so you’d have to justify the price tag first.

The Apps

Apple announced a number of third-party apps that have been specifically developed for the Apple Watch. Basic apps that you’d expect like Facebook and Twitter are available, and so are some other apps like Pinterest, an Uber app, and an American Airlines app. Some hotels like the W have also created apps that will let you unlock a hotel door with the swipe of your wrist. There’s also a smart home app through Alarm.com that lets you control your home from your watch, which is a pretty fun app to use if you have a connected home.

The watch includes many other apps, and developers have been working on creating apps for the watch since last year. If apps are what you’re after, there’s no shortage here. Apple expects to sell a lot of these watches, but who is this watch for? So far, there hasn’t been a boom in the smartwatch market, and it doesn’t really look like Apple will break that barrier.