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  • PopJam: Instagram for Kids
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PopJam for Kids

PopJam is a new app that has been developed specifically for kids. This app is kind of like Instagram, but it doesn’t come with all the adult issues that can accompany an Instagram account when used by children. Instead, PopJam is full of child-centered content, focuses on photographs taken by children, and includes plenty of great things that kids will love.

Inside PopJam

This app was developed for kids ages 7-12, and it comes with a custom profile builder, a place where photos can be shared, and the option to follow specific channels according to preferences (things like Cats, LOL, etc.). Right now, the app is free to use, but the parent company (Mind Candy) does need to make a profit from this app. It is possible that Mind Candy might charge for sticker packs in the future, or find another way to reap some kind of income from the new app. For now, though, the app remains free.

Mind Candy is hoping that PopJam will appeal to parents that want to keep kids safe. Right now, lots of kids use the popular app Instagram, but there’s no real security in place for children under the age of 18 that use the photo app (though Instagram is very popular with kids). How will Mind Candy keep PopJam PC?

A Team of Supervisors

Mind Candy has hired a very large team of moderators that can keep careful watch over app activity. These moderators will scan the app for new profiles and photos, and will even pre-screen any photo that will be posted to the app. While noble, this seem like a very large job (even for a big team), so it will be interesting to see if Mind Candy can pull it off. The moderators will (as was demonstrated recently) replace any swear words immediately with symbols, and some censored messages will be completely deleted.

As far as data collection goes, Mind Candy will ask users to create a username and provide an age – that’s it. The company is all about child safety, and that means keeping information collected about users to a minimum – if at all. Mind Candy might have a hard time keeping this app for kids and making money from it. The company also plans to do some cross branding with Moshi Monsters, which is massively popular with kids already. How the company plans to make money and not sell directly to kids will be the problem at hand, but Mind Candy promises this won’t be an issue.

Where to Find the App

Kids can currently find PopJam on both iOS and Android. The game is free to download and use (at the time of this writing), and the app is still being monitored for lewd content (so your kids can use it safely right now). If you don’t like the idea of your kids using Instagram, consider pointing them in the direction of PopJam. You can check out more about this company by heading to the PopJam main site.

Will you let your kids use this app?