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  • Best Music Apps for iPhone
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Apple has long been associated with music. So, it should come as no surprise that Apple offers a myriad of music apps for the iPhone. In many ways, the iPhone is more than a phone. You can answer and send calls with the iPhone, but it does so much more too. When it comes to music, the iPhone offers an easy way to listen to the songs of your choice, but it doesn’t stop there.

You’ll find so many apps are available through the iPhone that it’s difficult to find the best ones. Some are certainly better than others, but most of the music apps Apple offers through the iPhone are entertaining and useful. We’ve reviewed some of these apps for you below.

Ocarina -- $0.99

Ocarina is a music app that truly marches to a different beat. This app allows you to turn your iPhone into a flute. Yes, you read that right. When you download Ocarina, you can use your touchscreen as a flute, and you can also blow into your iPhone speaker to play your new iPhone flute.

There’s no doubt that Ocarina is innovative, but is blowing into your iPhone speakers safe? After all, allowing water to seep through the same hole will render your phone useless. Then again, there’s no need to get your speaker wet. If you’ve always wanted to be a flutist or you have a hankering to learn how to play the flute, Ocarina is the app for you.

Midomi Ultra -- $4.99

Truth be told, Midomi Ultra is more expensive than most other apps (unless you count Angry Birds). Yet, this high price tag has a purpose. Midomi Ultra will identify any song that you hear after you place your iPhone to a speaker. Sound a lot like the popular Shazam app? Well, it is – only better.

Shazam has a hard time picking up on classic music, opera, and some other music genres. Sometimes, Shazam just doesn’t work. Well, where Shazam falls short, Midomi Ultra picks up the slack. Midomi Ultra can identify almost any song, and this is helpful when you just want to know who sings a song. If you have the $5 to spare, check out this app.

Bloom -- $3.99

Channeling your inner Mozart is simple with Bloom. This app allows you to create melodies and tunes that are all your own. The only thing you have to do is touch your screen to hear a sound. Before you know it, you will be creating music that’s uniquely you. Bloom is more expensive than most other apps, but this app is worth the prices if you want to find out how you fare when it comes to making music.

Pocket Shaker – Free

Pocket Shaker turns your iPhone into a rattle, cowbell, and a number of other instruments. As the name suggests, creating a shaking or rattling noise with this app is as simple as shaking your iPhone. You can download Pocket Shaker for free, and provide hours of entertainment for your little one – or simply annoy the people around you.