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  • Apptrace: Helping Developers Understand iOS
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Developing an app for iOS can be frustrating. What can be more frustrating is trying to figure out whether or not that app has any chance against other apps. Some newly developed apps aren’t visible at all while others are lacking. Up until this point, developers were stuck using Apple’s iOS comparison tools. Now, a new app called Apptrace is aiming to make iOS app development simpler by providing users with plenty of helpful and vital app stats.

How Apptrace Works

Essentially, app developers can use Apptrace to compare a recently developed app with a competitor’s app. Apptrace will let developers know what a competitor is offering, and this will give developers a chance to tweak an app further. Apptrace also details the amount of exposure an app receives in the App Store, and lets developers know when the right time to release an app is. Sometimes, developers release apps that don’t gain any recognition simply because it’s the wrong time to roll out that particular app. With Apptrace, all of these problems are solved for iOS.

Further, Apptrace includes real-time information. For example, you can compare your recently developed app to another app using Apptrace, and you will find out right now whether your app is positioned well. Other iOS tools are updated daily or bi-daily, so it’s hard to really stay on track of what’s happening. With Apptrace’s current standing, developers are never left wondering if information is pertinent.

Developed Out of Frustration

The developers behind Apptrace created this tool out of frustration. Being fed up with the current tools available to iOS developers, Apptrace was built to be different. So far, Apptrace has gained a lot of attention from developers who recognize the need for a program like this one. Right now, Apptrace is free to use, and developers can even sign up for free weekly stats charts. Apptrace essentially provides developers with everything about an app stat that’s necessary, and it does it with a clean and easy to use interface.

Clean, Simple, and Useful

If you head to the Apptrace website, you will notice that this site features lots of stat details. Clicking on any one link will bring you directly to the states for that app or to a list of popular apps, or to any other bit of information you want to use. Not only is this site stacked with useful details, but Apptrace has also been built against a cool black background and is set off with colorful links. Just in case Apptrace is difficult to figure out at first, there’s also plenty of useful details that will help anyone navigate through the site.

Really, Apptrace is one of the most useful app development tools to come along in many years, and it’s no doubt that this website will become a must-use for every iOS app developer. If you are an iOS developer, will you use Apptrace? Is there any issue with the Apptrace site that you want the developers to know about? Let me know what you think of this tool in the comments!