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  • Arcade Fire Lets You Direct
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There’s something great about the interactive world. Getting your hands dirty by messing around with a website or some other content is just plain fun. Interaction is something that Canadian band Arcade Fire understands very well, and the band now wants you to help direct their latest music video. The video, titled Sprawl II includes many different ways that viewers can make video characters dance and move. The result of video directed by you means that you will likely listen to this song more often than not – a brilliant marketing move on the part of Arcade Fire.

But, more importantly, Arcade Fire’s foray into the interactive video world is something that we’re bound to see a lot more bands taking part in. After all, allowing fans to jump into a video is something that most people have never experience before. If Arcade Fire didn’t have a lot of fans before, you can bet that the Montreal group will have a lot more followers once word of this fun video gets out. Here’s how you can help direct Arcade Fire’s latest tune.

How it Works

First, you’ll have to head to http://www.sprawl2.com/ to check out the video. Once there, you’ll need to make sure that Adobe Flash is installed before you can play. On the site, you’ll see three possible options. The first option is the webcam option. This option allows you to wave your hands in front of your webcam in order to make the video characters move around. The second option is to use your mouse to click on each character, which will let the characters move as quickly as your mouse is moving.
If you just want to listen to the song and watch the video without clicking or waving your hands, you can do this too by selecting the “Watch Video” option.

If you love what you see, and what you create, you can make this experience even better by sharing it on Facebook or on Twitter with your friends. Playing around with Arcade Fire’s new interactive video is a lot of fun, and it’s also a great way to pass the time if you are bored at work (in this case, don’t wave your hands in front of your webcam!).

Getting Away From the Sprawl

Interacting with a video is a great way to break the monotony of the everyday. This is especially true given the current holiday season. Arcade Fire decided to release this interactive video smack in the middle of the holidays, which is excellent time on the part of the band. Right now, the world is consumed with shopping for gifts and holiday songs, so any song that comes along to take people’s minds off of “living in the sprawl” is a great idea. There’s no doubt that Arcade Fire will be remembered for this vide for a few months to come.

If you aren’t familiar with Arcade Fire, there’s no time like the present (and, really, no better way) to listen to what this band produces than right now. If you do love Arcade Fire, go ahead and mess around with this music video that bridges technology together with the music video scene.