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  • Better Than an Architect – Home Design Software that Works
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Truth be told, home design software wasn’t created to replace architects. Yet, this type of software can help you to visualize what an additional eight feet looks like or where you can legally place your new home addition. Whether you’re battling zoning restrictions or just trying to figure out how your new kitchen will look, there are lots of great home design software options available.

Cost Concerns

A quick Internet search with the keyword phrase “home design software” will result in lots of software choices. As you go through these options, one thing is bound to jump out at you: the price of home design software. On average, a good design software program costs around $130 (at the time of this writing).

This cost might seem high, but it is easily comparable to the price of a professional design consultation. You can easily save money by creating a preliminary plan that you can later show to a professional architect. In turn, this cuts down on the amount of architect hours that you will have to pay for in the long run.

System Size

There’s no doubt that home design software is a great invention. Only, this innovative technology won’t work if your current computer can’t cope. Depending on the software that you choose, your system must have at least 2GB of RAM and at least 1.8GB of hard drive disk space. These numbers can drastically increase when it comes to 3D software and professional-grade software.


Software that includes all the latest and greatest home design features is fantastic – if you know how to use it. Some design software has been created for professional use. Professional-grade software isn’t reserved for those who have obtained professional design degrees, but you will have to take some time learning how to use complex software.

If your computer skills are minimal, and you don’t have extra time to spare, choose a program that offers basic home design features. Basic home design software comes with all of the features that you will need to re-design a kitchen, create a floor plan, alter an existing home design, or build on an addition, but you won’t have as many personalization options.

Fetching Features

As with any other type of software, the features that are included in home design software are important. Before choosing any type of software, think about your main goals. If you simply want to paint the inside or outside of your home, photo editing software might be a better option than design software. If you want to import existing photos of rooms inside of your home, there are a few products on the market that allow for these types of changes.

Know what you want to get out of home design software is the best way to begin choosing a product. Once you have figured out this step, you can then start to look at the aforementioned details. Home design software gives any home remodeling plans you have a head start while also preparing a blueprint for any professionals you want to hire.