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  • Is the Army Stealing Weapon Designs from Halo?
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So, it's not every day that video games become a part of real life - or, rather, a concept from a video game. Often, it's the other way around with parts of real life entering the storyline of a video game.

But, there are exceptions to every rule.

Enter Halo

The tech blog, Mashable, reports today that the U.S. Army is testing out helmets that look a lot like Halo headwear. If you're a Halo fan, you know exactly what this means - and you probably think that it's a really cool idea. Well, that's exactly what the Army wants new recruits to think.

The helmets have enforced neck guards and a visor that can protect against a lot of ammunition (and also help soldiers see better). That's not all, though. In true Halo style, this helmet also features a really awesome integrated display that provides soldiers with vital information (a display that's Android-based, no less).

A Coincidence?

Here's an interesting fact about modern battle: soldiers rarely fight in face-to-face combat anymore. Sure, there are wars where ground troops are needed, but a lot of the time soldiers are fighting behind screens. All kinds of screens and tech exist in the Army, and even though a Halo-like helmet complete with a display screen seems rather futuristic, it's not a huge stretch.

It's also not really a coincidence (in this writer's mind) that the Army has chosen to model a new helmet on something from a video game. A vast number of recruits are huge gaming fans, and Halo happens to be one of the biggest games every created. In this case, does life mimic art? It sure seems that way.

In Tests

Presently, the Army is still testing out the new Halo-esque helmets, but I wouldn't be shocked if these roll out to all troops sooner rather than later. For some, these helmets are a scary notion. For others, mostly soldiers, life is a lot more comfortable with an enforced helmet that includes a highly advanced display screen. If you add to that the fact that most soldiers have played Halo more than a few times, you have a helmet that's easily adapted to.

What's next? Batman costumes or sticky spider webs? Maybe the Army will take a cue from other video games? Or, maybe the Army has had this kind of advanced technology all along, and we are just finding out about it now. Either way, new helmets that protect soldiers better than before can't be a bad thing, right? Or, is this really just a way to lure gamers into joining the Army?

It's not every day that the Army and gaming collide, but it is one way that technology helps advance battle tactics. I'd love to hear what you think about these new helmets - creepy or cool? If you are a gamer, does the Army sound more appealing to you now? Would you consider joining if you can wear a real-life Halo helmet? Let me know!