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  • Article Content Spinners: A Wise Choice?
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For a long time, the article writing process was simple. A company or individual hired a professional writer to write articles (much like this article). Every article written was unique and original. Some articles were masterpieces likened to the works of Moby Dick (well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration). Then, one day, someone created something called an “article spinner.”

An article spinner is a type of software that changes the look of an existing article. Specifically, article spinners tend to replace words using synonyms. The reasoning behind this is simple: search engines regarding spun articles as unique content. Technically, it is unique content. Arguably, this content will turn out much like the work of a ten year old.

Why Spinning Won’t Attract Readers

Simply selecting the “spin” button and posting whatever mish-mashed article your spinner comes up with is a bad idea. In fact, it’s a very bad idea. Even though synonyms are supposed to directly replace a chosen word, or set of words, some synonyms are really not a good fit. Some synonyms don’t make sense in a certain context at all.

Thus, placing a spun article on the Internet may have many readers scratching their heads in confusion. Presumably, these readers will exit your website just as quickly as a search engine drew them to your site. In this scenario, you’ve gained no new clients at all, and most people will probably avoid your site entirely.

How Spinning Software Might Work

The word you want to remember from the above title is “might.” If you take the time to spin and article, and then read through the article carefully, you might create a decent article. Of course, editing an article in this manner means combing through every sentence, replacing words that don’t make sense, and reformatting the article.

There’s no way around it. Spinning an article in this manner takes work. If you’re willing to edit an article extensively, why not just buy a unique article? You’ll probably spend less time editing and more time attracting clients. So, to answer the original question: are content spinners a wise choice? For some eagle-eyed editors, spinners may work. For most people, a content spinner is an obvious way to attract readers to your site, and most readers won’t appreciate the fact that your site contains nothing but nonsensical articles.