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  • Asus Zenbook Has an “Air” About It
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The line of Apple copycats is long. Even though this line may start with Samsung, it certainly doesn’t stop there. Asus recently unveiled its new Zenbook, which looks exactly like the MacBook Air. The main difference that Asus boasts is that the Zenbook retails for $999, which is almost $200 less than the MacBook Air.

While the Zenbook looks, acts, and even feels like the MacBook Air (according to reviewers who were in attendance at the recent Asus unveiling), the question is: can the Asus Zenbook really compare to the MacBook Air? Another question might be: has Asus really created something that rivals the popular MacBook Air? It’s hard to tell from the start, since the Zenbook was just released today, but you can certainly compare specs from the two systems. Here’s what you need to know.

What the Zenbook’s Got

Asus claims that the Zenbook has seven hours of battery life. Add to this average battery two USB ports, a 128 GB SATA Solid State Drive, and 4GB of RAM, and you have a laptop that’s not half bad. You’ll also find a large touchpad and a keyboard that’s comfortable enough to use on a regular basis. Lastly, the Zenbook comes equipped with a sound system that Asus is quite proud of.

But, does it really compare to the MacBook Air? It does if you take away a significant amount of storage space and memory.

Since the MacBook Air is all about weightlessness, it’s important to point out that Asus has hit the nail on the head when it comes to the look and feel of the Zenbook. This laptop is made from brushed steel, and the laptop itself is extremely thin. In short, the Zenbook does resemble the MacBook Air as far as size and shape goes.

Should You Opt for this Laptop?

Let’s consider the price difference between the MacBook Air and the Asus Zenbook. The MacBook Air retails for around $1200. The Zenbook can be yours for $999. Essentially, this is a two-hundred dollar difference. The Zenbook isn’t quite as powerful as the MacBook Air, and it doesn’t have that assuring Apple logo. So, is it worth saving $200 by buying the Zenbook?

In this reviewer’s opinion, the MacBook Air is a solid laptop that’s been around for quite some time now. Sure, the MacBook Air can be construed as expensive, but it’s an Apple. The Asus Zenbook on the other hand looks and feels like an Apple, but it’s just not the same system. Still, I give Asus a thumb’s up for creating a slick laptop that looks a lot like its number one competitor.


If you like the way that the Zenbook sounds, want to test it out, or are just curious about the weight and feel of the Zenbook, you will be able to get your hands on this new laptop on October 12th, 2011 (today). Check online at various computer outlets, through Asus directly, or by visiting a local retailer. As with anything else, I suggest you compare the Zenbook with the MacBook Air prior to purchase.