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  • Audio Editing Software Comparison
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Whether you spin professionally or simply enjoy tweaking your personal tracks, audio editing software can be a lot of fun. The one drawback to these programs is that many of them come with complex interfaces and user manuals that are greatly lacking. Yet, some audio editing programs stand above the rest. If mixing and editing is your thing, then you’ll enjoy what the following audio editing programs have to offer.

WavePad Master’s Edition -- $40+

Generally, any program that includes the word “master” or “master’s” is worth its weight in gold. WavePad Master’s Edition comes pretty close to being a perfect audio editing program. There’s no doubt about the fact that WavePad is one of the easiest programs to use available. WavePad manages to provide users with a carefree interface that makes sense while also creating a powerful editing tool. The one drawback to WavePad is that this program won’t allow you to edit songs simultaneously. Aside from this disadvantage, WavePad is a solid sound editor with a lot of fun features.

GoldWave Digital Audio Editor -- $40+

GoldWave Digital Audio Editor is a strong audio editing contender. This program includes a simple interface with uncomplicated graphics. In fact, some people may find the lack of detailed graphics a turn-off, but this product actually shines due to its simplicity. The great thing about GoldWave Digital Audio Editor is that this program can take a lot of very large files – up to 4GB. Sound junkies will also be happy to note that GoldWave comes with an effects plug-in that’s lots of fun to play around with. While not overly complex, avid sound editors will find GoldWave Digital Audio Editor well worth the semi-high price tag.

Magix Music Maker -- $50+

This program’s developers got something right when they named Magix Music Maker. Not only is the name of this program catchy, the product itself actually lives up to the name. Users will find that creating “magical” edits and sophisticated sounds is simple with the Magix Music Maker. A top-notch interface and good graphics makes this program extra special. While not a good enough reason to avoid purchasing Magic Music Maker, importing tracks can be slightly harder than it is with other sound editing programs. Again, this very minute degree of difficulty shouldn’t turn you away from Magix Music Maker altogether. If you can dig the $50+ price tag, the Magix Music Maker won’t disappoint.

FX Audio Editor 4 -- $30+

The first thing that you probably noticed about FX Audio Editor is the price of this program. Far less expensive than other audio editors, FX Audio Editor is enticing. As with most other things in life, you get what you pay or when it comes to sound editing suites. FX Audio Editor comes with a strong interface, is easy to use, and is (surprisingly) compatible with most types of audio files. The main issue with FX Audio Editor is that this program isn’t chalk-full of editing tools. This drawback may be alright with you if you are only looking to edit music for the sheer thrill of it. If you happen to be a DJ, you might want to save your money for a program that’s just a smidge more comprehensive.