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You can play games on your iPad. But, what if you could turn your iPad into a handy gaming platform? There’s a new iPad case on the market that does exactly that: turns an iPad case into a gaming case that gamers of all kinds will love. The case is called the Audojo Case and it comes with joysticks, buttons, and handles. In other words, it comes with most thing you will need to really get into any game. Currently, Audojo is a Kickstarter project, but it’s a project that’s already gaining plenty of attention.

What’s Included

The Audojo case will work with the iPad 2,3,or 4. The case comes with two analog joysticks and two shooter buttons. The shooter buttons are particularly handy when playing shooter games that require a better hands-on option that the current iPad setup provides. Joysticks are also really helpful when playing certain games. Not only does this case come with joysticks and buttons, but it also supports Apple’s AirPlay, which means that you can send any game you are currently playing to a large screen.

You might think that a gaming case of this magnitude would be bulky and difficult to attach or detach, but that’s not the, well, case. The Audojo is thing, not at all on the bulky side, and attaches easily according to the Kickstarter video. The case also comes with two handles or grips on either side that make it simple to grab ahold of an iPad. If you use your iPad to game (as most people do), this looks like the one case that will fill the gaping iPad case hole. Surprisingly, a case as innovative as this one has not come along yet, but this gamer is certainly glad that Audojo has filled the gap.

Pledge If You Want This Case

If you like the way that Audojo sounds, make sure to send a few dollars to the company through the Kickstarter campaign page. Right now, the company is a few thousand away from achieving its startup goal. If the case does get off the ground, it’s likely to be one of the most popular cases available for the iPad.

Do you game on your iPad? Are you in need of a better iPad gaming controller? Would you contribute to the Kickstarter campaign? With this particular campaign, you only have to send in $65 to get an Audojo case of your own – that’s a good deal considering that you are helping to fund the company and you’ll get a case of your own.

There are many iPad cases on the market, but few of them fulfill the gaming need. Audojo also happens to be the only one with actual joysticks, and that should make playing most games a lot more fun. The iPad is a great gaming platform, though it does lack some basic controls that this simple case may be able help out with. It’s tough to say how great the case is without actually getting my hands on one, but the product definitely looks like a great idea and has lots of reviews already. If Audojo interest you, make sure to check out this {{http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/audojo/audojo-ipad-case-for-games|Link}}.