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  • Avanti Free Antivirus vs. AVG Free Antivirus
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Everyone needs a reliable Antivirus program on their computer but in this day and age thanks to problems that can come from living an online lifestyle. Computer users have to be concerned with topics like Malware, Trojans, Phishing and hacking attempts but during the current economic recession, most people don’t have the money to renew their McAfee or other expensive antivirus programs. Where do they find a reliable antivirus program that’s affordable and can fit within any budget?

AVG Antivirus

With AVG antivirus any computer user can enjoy the same functionality and features that come with expensive, over the counter antivirus programs without spending any money. Their free version offers computer users the ability to block any nasty viruses or spyware from infecting their computers and the programs handy link scanner will enable any person who uses the internet for business or personal use to easily scan links before they visit them.

AVG offers two more antivirus programs that offer users more bang when they spend some bucks. For $31.49 users will have an AVG online shield which is like a firewall and will check all incoming files before a user downloads them. Their paid service also offers the option of secure chatting and fast tech support just in case your computer encounters a bug that needs to be removed.

Savvy computer owners who want an extra level of protection can upgrade to AVG’s Internet Security suite for $50.00. This application offers all of the features from the first two packages plus a firewall, an anti-spam filter, identity protection and wireless network protection.

Avant Free Anti-Virus

Like its competitor AVG, Avant offers a competitive free anti-virus scanner that offers the minimum amount of anti-virus protection that any computer needs to be protected for business or personal use. Their interface is better than AVG’s because it has a polished style that resembles a jukebox and is very easy to navigate.

With the latest release of their antivirus program they have made it even easier to download and install their program than in years past and the installation process is actually a lot faster than antivirus programs from Trend Micro or Norton Antivirus. Once it’s installed any computer user can easily and painlessly install configure the program to their hearts content plus enjoy custom installation options like add-ons for browsers and plenty of functions to protect a computer for every use.

The free version of Avant is huge and requires at least 60 MB of free space to function on a computer so if you want to take advantage of this program it might be time to do a little house cleaning on your machine. В 

As with its competitor AVG, Avant anti-virus also offers paid versions of its anti-virus protection that cost between $30.00 and $50.00 depending upon the level of protection that someone wants their computer to have.

Both anti-virus programs offer a high level of software and security but Avant seems to have more going for it with it’s easy to use interface and simple screens that make finding and destroying viruses easy for any computer owner.