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If you are in the healthcare field, then you are aware that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) requires your conversations are to remain confidential and private. However, sometimes this just isn't possible, especially at crowded nurses stations or even in a doctor's office where patients are sitting all over the place, subject to hearing sensitive information.

Worry no more with the Babble, a voice privacy device designed by Herman Miller, an innovative furniture design company based in Zeeland, Michigan. This little device, about the size of a tape dispenser, protects your words from being overheard in small spaces or large. Not only is it perfect for anyone in the healthcare field, it's useful to lawyers, human resource workers, and anyone working in finance as well.

How It Works

Simply place the Babble unit on your desk near your phone and plug it in, and place the included speakers facing towards your colleagues. Do you have a call to make that you know should remain confidential? Press the button on the top to activate Babble prior to the conversation. In the middle of a discussion with the President of the company and he suddenly wants to talk numbers those around you shouldn't hear? Have no fear, it can be activated mid-conversation as well.

Babble takes your words and breaks them up using your actual voice's tone and volume. Your statement “Let's discuss the current budget” turns into complete gibberish coming out of Babble's speakers. The device randomly combines the bits and pieces of your words and multiplies them as if they were dozens of small conversations taking place simultaneously, like a small crowd of people rather than a single conversation to those around you. The person on the other end of the line hears your words clear as day, while your words are lost in the device-created crowd to those around you. Do you already use other white noise technology currently? That's okay, they are able to work together.

Added Advantages

Workers confined in close quarters with their colleagues have said that their co-workers' phone conversations can be distracting. The Babble protects against this, as research has shown small crowds of people aren't as much of a distraction. It is theorized that when we can understand words within another's conversation, we can't help but listen even if we are attempting to ignore it. If there are multiple conversations going on that we cannot understand a bit of, there's nothing to distract us. It becomes background noise. That is the idea of the Babble: turning your singular, understandable conversation into an unintelligible crowd of voices. This means increased productivity in the workplace.

Additional Information

Babble plugs into a standard outlet and is compatible with cell phones and landlines, cordless phones included. Have a large area to cover? Purchase another speaker to assure your words are safe across large areas. It is available in a variety of office supply stores for about $400. Visit http://hermanmiller.com/Products/Babble-Voice-Privacy-System for a dealer near you.