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  • Is Backup Software Important?
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Computers seem so reliable. They wait quietly throughout the day as you selectively punch keys. Computers are the best way to stay in touch with people, network, and create all kinds of files. From Word files to PDFs, a computer is a never-ending source of availability and assuredness – or is it?

As much as most of us would like to think that a computer is infallible, this isn’t the case. After all, a computer is just a machine, and machines fail all the time. Chances are that your computer will fail at some point. When that point comes, every file that you have on your current system will be lost.

Types of Data Backup Software

The answer to the title question is a simple: yes. Data backup software is necessary. Find the time, record all necessary data, and don’t lose years of files to overlooking one simple detail. There are lots of great backup software options available.

Windows users will find a wide array of backup software. Most software developers create programs for use by Windows users. Apple users will find that Apple includes automatic backups with almost every system (additional backup may be warranted). Linux users can select from RSYNC, Bacula, and FlyBack (at the time of this writing).

Online Backup Options

If you don’t want to purchase a physical program, you can opt for an online backup service. Lots of online backup software exists, and many of these programs are excellent. Some choices include Carbonite and Spare Backup. Dropbox is another online program that can be used as a type of online backup.

Most online backup sites will ask you to download specialized software. This can be done with a relative amount of ease and certainty. Depending on the types of files that you want to backup, you may find one online service better than another. As with any other type of program, make sure to read user reviews and find a program that is user-friendly.

Backing Up Special Sites and Files

Developing a blog that people will actually read can take hours. If you are committed to creating a new blog post every day, take the time to back up these posts. Ever since the dawn of social networking and blogging, specialty software has surfaced.

In the instance that you are currently running a WordPress blog, find out if a backup plug-in is available for your blog. You will even find that some websites can assist you with backing up cell phone data. The question isn’t whether or not you should back up your files (no matter what kinds of files you have), but whether or not you want to backup every aspect of your life. From your blog to your phone and everything in-between, make sure that your connected life is backed up somehow.