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  • This GPS Is Impossible to Hack
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The problem with technology is that it’s easy to interrupt. Even when it comes to military-grade GPS technology, enemies can easily jam GPS devices rendering them useless. Now, a new GPS technology developed by BAE Systems is being billed as hack-proof, and it may just save militaries a great deal of trouble. Not only is a hack-proof GPS system a godsend for military reasons, this type of GPS could also be used to help rescue workers, firefighters, and, potentially, regular citizens.

Why BAE Systems Technology Is Different

BAE has managed to solve the problem of the fallible GPS system by looking at the issue differently. The new BAE GPS can grab electronic signals from the air in order to determine current locations. Most GPS device presently gain signals from satellites, which can be unreliable, easy to hack into, and difficult to use when it comes to certain locations (such as underground locations).

In other words, this GPS takes signals from Wi-Fi, telephone, and TV signals – something that’s never been done before. In addition, this technology can also adapt and “learn” by using locations that have been discovered prior to a new search. By constantly grabbing locations using electronic signals, it is impossible to jam or hack into this GPS system.

Another benefit to snagging signals from the air is that a BAE GPS can be used in places where satellite signals just can’t reach. So, for example, were a military outfit to be stationed in an underground area, those using the BAE GPS technology wouldn’t have any problem staying in constant contact. This is a big leap forward for GPS technology, which has really grown that much over the past few years. Further, BAE’s new GPS creation may also help when it comes to shipping cargo, driving cars, and many other things.

When Will BAE GPS Technology Become Available?

Right now, the new BAE GPS system is being tested by the U.S. Military (somewhat covertly). If this technology proves to be all that it’s meant to be, you could see GPS devices of this kind available widely over the next year or so. It might be a year after that (or sooner) that GPS devices of this kind are available for general consumer purpose, but it’s definitely something to keep your eye on. In addition, it might be a good idea to see where GPS in general goes over the next few months.

New technology aside, lots of different companies are getting into the GPS mapping game (including Apple, Google, and Microsoft). While the world of GPS was quiet for some time, it certainly looks like GPS as we know it is about to change. If you’re wondering how any of this impacts you, just think about all of those times you went to rely on a GPS device only to find out that the device wasn’t working due to a satellite issue or fault. It’s also beneficial to think about how much more powerful militaries will be having a GPS that can’t be hacked on their side. Right now, the new GPS devices that BAE has developed might not impact you directly, but it is a device that will have major implications in years to come.