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  • Bamboo Blackbox Cases For Apple Tablets
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A large part of the appeal of Apple tablets and notebooks, is the sleek and beautiful design. Such beauty requires top-notch protection, but unfortunately, many of the cases on the market don't quite cut it. The whole point of having an iPad or Macbook is the portability, but with such expensive, vulnerable products, it can be too risky to actually try to travel with these computers.

The Bamboo Blackbox Cases are a great solution for people who want to travel with their Apple computers. The beautiful design is appealing to the aesthetics-driven Apple consumers, while providing enough protection to drop an iPad 2 from 25 feet up without any damage, although it's not recommended.

The Backstory

The original idea behind the Blackbox Cases, came about more than two years ago, when a neoprene laptop sleeve failed to protect Lance Atkin's Macbook. Lance was enjoying a three-month-long African backpacking safari. By the end of the trip, however, his MacBook Pro had suffered major dents and a cracked screen. He wound up purchasing a new computer, but decided to try his own hands at creating a durable case. By November of 2010, Lance had shipped his first Oak Blackbox Case, which would eventually lead to the lighter Bamboo Blackbox Case.


The designers couldn't meet the demand that their cases were bringing in, so they decided to turn to Kickstarter for help. Kickstarter is a grassroots online community, where anyone from around the world can invest in a huge variety of entrepreneurial ventures. This method of funding was a huge success for the Bamboo Blackbox Cases, greatly exceeding their pledged goal of $25,000.


Like the Apple products they hold, the Bamboo Blackbox Cases stand apart due to their impeccable and attractive design. The cases come in a variety of sizes to fit the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iPad 2. As indicated by the name, they are made from bamboo. The material is ideal for protection, as it is sturdy and light-weight. The lightness is great for traveling, particularly backpacking, because it contributes as little weight as possible to the burden on your shoulders.

The cases are very light in color, but a darker, stained version is also available. The Blackbox Case logo is stylishly imprinted on the bottom left corner of the cases. For an additional fee, or with a bulk purchase, these cases can be engraved via laser with any message of the buyer's choosing. To help keep the computers and tablets safe inside the case, the designers included a fashionable strap attached at the back, which wraps around the open top of the case, to securely snap into the button on the front of the case. This ensures that the computer stays inside the case.

Another incredible aspect of the design is that the case can double as a lap desk. The surface at the top and bottom of the Bamboo Blackbox Case are very flat and sturdy. When you've transported the computer inside the case to your destination, easily slide it out and place it on top of the case. This is a great feature that can keep your computer from overheating and becoming too warm on your legs.