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  • Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Is Arriving Soon
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For those who truly have it all (and can afford lots more), the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision is the television of the year. The new 65-inch plasma will be hitting high-end store shelves throughout North American (yes, Canada is included too) in just a few short days. Why would you want this television and why do you care? For starters, this TV is made by one of the top high-end electronics companies around. This television also comes with a very clever design that’s going to be tough for other companies to beat.

As Thin As Possible

Plenty of modern televisions are thin. The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision TV is ridiculously thin. Thanks to a great design, the BeoVision is the thinnest television out there, so you can really press this one flat against any wall without any kind of trouble or vision issues. If thin isn’t enough for you, consider the fact that the BeoVision comes with 3D capabilities and a Neo PDP panel. This TV also comes with a center speaker that’s fully integrated, and you know that speaker will have some impressive sound, since Bang & Olufsen produces impressive audio devices consistently.

Can You Put the Price Aside?

Of course, being a Bang & Olufsen gadget, the BeoVision doesn’t come cheap. If you want to purchase one of the hottest 65-inch plasma televisions on the current market, you will have to fork over $11,000 to do it – that’s right, this TV will retail for around $11k. Now, that’s a lot to pay for a television for most people, but Bang & Olufsen must have a market in mind, since the price for this TV has already been set. If you can get over the price tag (and have a kidney or two to sell), this television promises to be worth the ridiculous valuation.


Can’t wait any longer? Do you have to get your hands on this television as soon as possible? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision will soon be hitting store near you – wait, I already said that, so how soon is soon? According to a recent press release and various other reports, you should see this television in stores in just a few days (read: the beginning of March). Keep in mind though that your average electronics store isn’t likely to stock this expensive toy, so you’ll have to find out where this television is being sold in your area (check out the Bang & Olufsen site for store locations).

So, if you have $11K to throw around, why not check out Bang & Olufsen’s latest offering? If for nothing else, your friends will be jealous that you have such a thin and great-sounding 65-inch plasma in your home. Or, you can simply head to the nearest high-end electronics store near you and dream. The choice, really, is yours, but I don’t recommend selling your retirement stocks in order to purchase this bad boy, unless, of course, you can’t live without it.