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  • Mario Batali's New Feedie App
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If you drive people bonkers by taking photos of everything you eat, Mario Batali is the man for you. Batali has teamed up with a team of developers and the nonprofit organization 'The Lunchbox Fund' to bring you 'Feedie:' the new app that helps to feed children in Africa.

How Feedie Works

After downloading the Feedie app, opening up the app will show you a map spotted with nearby dining destinations. From there, you can choose a destination that you will dine at, snap photos of your meal, and your photo will go towards one meal at The Lunchbox Fund for starving children. Each restaurant on Batali's list has agreed to donate the equivalent of one meal to the Fund every time someone uses the Feedie app.

So far, Feedie only includes restaurants in NYC, but Batali has managed to line up some of the best eats in the city for his new app. Restaurants that are participating thus far include Del Posto, The Spotted Pig, The Lamb's Club, La Esquina, Whitehall, and others. Since Mario Batali's celebrity weight is behind this venture, other restaurants are sure to join in.

Additional Feedie Features

Not only can you donate one meal to a starving child using the Feedie app, you can also share photos and check-ins on Facebook and through Twitter. It's also possible to share information about restaurants with other Feedie users, and send photos to those users as well. You can think of Feedie like a social food photography app that helps to feed a portion of the world.

I'm not a believer that things like apps help you do your social part in this world, but if you are going to snap photos of food anyway, you may as well make those photos count, right? Plus, Feedie could be a lot of fun. We also have to give props to those participating restaurants, since they are actually the ones donating here.

Where To Get the App

If you love this idea (and, really, what's not to love, foodies?), you can download the Feedie app from the Apple App Store. The app is absolutely free to use, and there's no word about an Android app right now. It is estimated that around 66% of people living in the United States dine out at least once per week. Many of those people take pictures of their food, too.

Mario Batali might be onto something here. Asking that 66% to help feed starving children in Africa (many of these kids have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS) by doing something that they do anyway, this small contribution could help in a big way. In addition, the Feedie app helps spread the word about nonprofits like The Lunchbox Fund, and that's never a bad thing.

Would you use this app? What do you think about charity apps like this one? Is this really a way to help feed starving children, or just a tax write-off for various restaurants? Let me know in the comments below!