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  • Need More Battery Life? A Top Phone Comparison
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Can a phone ever have enough battery life? Now that phones are used for almost everything, it’s not exactly rare to see that low battery sign flash on any given phone. But, there are some phones that are better than others in the battery department. Of course, the opposite is also true: some phones are the worst offenders when it comes to zero battery life. The only real way to tell if a phone has a great battery is to test it out. Or, let me do that testing for you. Below, I’ve listed the top four phones on the market with great (or better than most) battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S III

Now, I’m not really a Samsung fan. But, when it comes to battery life, this phone can last up to 11 long hours. Battery life will vary depending on what you do with your phone (if you’re running all kinds of apps and have set up push notifications from every app you have, you’re looking at a shorter battery life). Technically, though, the Samsung Galaxy S III’s battery life will last for at least 11 hours. The Samsung Galaxy S III is currently retailing for $99.99.

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

This phone has a battery that lasts for a whopping 16 hours. If you travel a lot and need a phone that won’t die when you need it the most, the Razr Maxx is really tough to beat. Motorola has also received decent reviews when it comes to the Razr Maxx, and it’s one of those Android phones that’s great all-around but doesn’t gain a lot of attention for some unknown reason. You can purchase a Droid Razr Maxx for around $99.99 (prices are dropping, however).

Motorola Atrix HD

Now, you’re going to see a drastic drop in battery life. While the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and Samsung Galaxy S III both last more than 10 hours, the Motorola Atrix HD lasts up to 9 hours. But, here’s the thing: 9 hours is still really long where smartphones are concerned. It also helps to note that the Atrix HD will only set you back $99.99.

Apple iPhone 4S

Apple claims that the 4S has a 14 hour battery life. This might be true if you do not run that many apps. Most people, however, complain that the 4S doesn’t seem to have a very long battery life. Then again, it really depends on how long you keep that phone running. Apple’s iPhone has to be included in this lineup, since you will likely be comparing Android phone offerings with Apple’s lineup when you search for a phone based on battery life. Right now, the Apple iPhone 4S retails for less than $300, but that’s only because the iPhone 5 is about to be released. My advice is to wait for the iPhone 5 release to see what that phone’s battery life looks like.
Things That Impact Battery Life

It’s funny; most of us run hundreds of apps, have set up lots of push notifications, and spend hours on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Yet, we tend to become angry when our phones don’t last that long. If you want to make sure your battery life lasts, close those apps and don’t allow push notifications. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at a phone that lasts as long as it possibly can, which is usually a few hours.