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  • New Streaming Service From Beats
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Whether or not you're ready for it, a new streaming music option is on the way. This time, it's from Beats. The company famous for its headphones is now creating a streaming service, but this isn't exactly new news. Beats reps told press months ago that the company had streaming in its sights. Now, that dream is almost a reality for Beats.

Beats Streaming: Coming Soon

The new Beats streaming service will launch for desktop, iOS, and Android within the next few months. In addition, support for Windows 8 is expected to be added to the lineup. But, what consumers want to know is how the Beats streaming service will be any different from the many options already available.

Will Beats Be Unique?

Company reps have told press that the new Beats streaming service will offer a unique curating perspective. The company plans to generate targeted user preferences in different ways, and this is supposed to set Beats apart from the rest. Then again, almost all of the streaming service currently available offer customized playlists that have been generated from a number of preferences, so I don't really see how Beats will be unique.

Beats reps also told press that the new streaming service would include a human element, that is meant to make playlists even more personalized. It's hard to imagine a Beats team hand-picking songs for each subscriber to listen to, and that's not likely what the company will aim for, but it seems to be along the lines of what Beats is looking at.

Is Personalization The Answer?

Beats might be onto something, too. Right now, most streaming music users complain about odd song selections and combinations. Where users are supposed to be getting personalized matches, many streaming services only offer up automated selections that are far from what users want to hear. If Beats can find a way to make streaming services a lot more personalized, the company may have a peg to stand on.

But, it won't be easy. Beats enters an already overly-saturated market where streaming music is concerned. The company also has its credibility to go on, and Beats has been building up that reputation for the past few years.

So, we'll see where the company goes with this new venture. It would be nice, though, if Beats could offer something that other streaming services haven't seemed to conquer just yet - and that thing is true customization.


As far as availability goes, Beats has only announced that the new streaming service will be ready this year. We'd love to see a definite release date from the company, but no such luck this far. It looks like the Beats team is ready to go, though, especially if the company is talking to press about the new service.

My best guess for availability is a few months from now. As far as pricing goes, Beats will have to be competitive, but the company also has a reputation for high-priced products. What do you think?