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  • India Has a New Tablet
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India is a tough tech nut to crack. There are more than one billion people in India, but many of these people do not have computers. Indians who live in rural areas aren’t likely to be a part of Facebook or have an Internet connection. This is, in part, due to the fact that purchasing a computer in India is something that many people cannot do, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no interest.

Tapping into this largely untapped market is Beetel Teletech Ltd. This company has just released the first Beetel Android tablet: the Beetel Magiq. The research that Beetel put into this tablet is evident, as the Magiq appeals directly to Indian consumers. The market that Beetel is hoping to reach is a rural one.

A Good Alternative

The Magiq comes with a 1 GHz processor, Android 2.2, and a 7.0 WGVA screen. The 8GB memory is also expandable to 16GB, which is a nice option. The Magiq also has a front and rear 2-megapixel camera. Will the Magiq surpass the iPad? Probably not.

But, the Magiq does have a few things going for it. The first one being that it’s easy to use and highly portable. The second one being that it’s priced to appeal to people who may not be able to purchase a home computer.

Beetel has stated that the Magiq will retail for around 9999 Rupees. That’s around $200 USD. This amount is with reach for most Indians, and it’s a price that will lead those seeking a home system alternative to drink the Beetel water.

The Downside\t

The Beetel Magiq cannot be upgraded to Android 2.3 or 3.0. This would be a major drawback for North American markets, but it may not be such a big deal for many Indian consumers. Those looking for some way to connect to the Internet are likely to find the Magiq both logical and affordable whether or not it can be upgraded to the latest Android version.

As of this writing, the Magiq is not yet available through electronics stores. However, Beetel has stated that the Magiq will hit Indian store shelves by the end of August, 2011. Already, the device has received considerable press, and Indians throughout the country are likely to line up when the device is finally released.

The Appeal

Even though the Magiq is not an iPad, it does have a certain appeal. Carrying around a small tablet in lieu of purchasing an expensive desktop computer is something that North Americans are starting to enjoy, so why shouldn’t it be the same way in India? In fact, it’s only logical that Indian tech companies start producing other devices, since India has a massive tech community.

Right now, word of the new Beetel offering has hit financial magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, and the idea that India may begin creating more devices is one that all financial experts are considering. The news of the Beetel Magiq is exciting, and it’s a great step forward for Beetel.