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  • Apple's Response to Bending iPhones
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The Best Ways to Carry Your new iPhone 6

As some early purchasers of the new iPhone 6 have discovered, these phones bend if you put them in the wrong place. Since you probably want to protect your recent and very expensive purchase (and Apple claims that it’s rare for a phone to bend), I’ve come up with a few ways for you to carry your new iPhone 6 without worrying about breaking it.

1.In your back pocket - as long as your jeans are not tight, and as long as you do not sit down with the phone in your pocket.

2.In the front pocket of very loose jeans. If you wear jeans that are the skinny type or made out of legging material, this might not work for you. If you wear jeans that are baggy, you should be okay to carry the phone in your front pocket.

3Shirt pocket. If you wear shirts with small pockets, you should be able to place your phone in that front pocket without much of a struggle at all - just be careful if you bend too far forward, since your phone could drop and break.

4Inside of a suit jacket. If you wear suits a lot, you shouldn’t have any problem carrying your phone. Just place the phone inside the pocket in your suit jacket - again, though, do not throw your jacket down or bend too far forward.

5Inside of a purse. You can place your iPhone inside of your purse without any problem at all. The only thing to watch out for here is that you don’t have any liquids inside of your purse that could spill and damage your phone.

6Inside of a backpack. Once again, your phone can easily stay inside of a backpack without being harmed.

What Apple Says About the Matter

While the above may seem silly, keeping your phone in any of these places is really the best way to avoid any kind of bending or breakage. Apple claims that the bending phones are extremely rare, and the company told press that the phones may be covered under warranty - but some phones might not be covered under warranty if those phones bend. So, what determines whether or not your phone will be replaced if it bends?

Apple is leaving the replacement policy decision completely up to the Apple Genius you speak with at your local Apple store (so be nice). According to various sources, each bent phone will be tested by a Genius through something the company is calling the “visual mechanical inspection.” What is that exactly? Basically, the Genius you speak with has to be able to prove that your phone bent due to mechanical defects, and not due to your carelessness. So, if you bend the phone by putting it in the wrong pocket, the Genius could decide that it’s your fault.

Is Apple really leaving this decision up to some guy that works at the Apple store? You bet. Apple claims that only nine people have bent phones, and that the company is handling those cases. Out of the millions of people that bought the phone, only nine have reported bending issues so far. Apple is calling the press reaction to the bent phones a situation that has been blown out of proportion - it’s important to note that only nine people have reported a problem, but that doesn’t mean that more people haven’t yet reported the problem or won’t be in the near future.