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  • Five Android Apps You Have to Have
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I know what you’re thinking: another list of awesome Android apps? Sure, there are plenty of Android app lists out there, but this one, really, includes the absolute best apps available to date. If you have an Android phone, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t download some of these killer apps. From task managing apps to games that are seriously addicting, here are five Android apps that you will have a hard time not tapping on regularly.

Google Drive (Free if you subscribe)

There are lots of ways to store documents. While Dropbox has been the reigning document storage solution for some time now, Google Drive is an equally (if not better) great option. In case you aren’t familiar with this app, Google Drive allows users to store and share Google Docs documents. Since Google Docs is a great program in itself, using Google Drive is a no-brainer if you already have Docs set up and in use.

Draw Something ($2.99)

OMGPOP’s Draw Something isn’t new, but so many people still don’t have this time-killing game! Draw Something is so much fun to play that it’s really hard to put this one down. The premise of Draw Something is very close to Pictionary, but it’s also a lot more fun than Pictionary ever was. Users draw a word based on clues and play against other users with the objective to rack up points. Draw Something is such a sensation that this gaming app will actually appear as a game show in the next few weeks.

Any.Do (Free!)

Any.Do is an all-time favorite Android app of mine. This app is the ultimate organizational tool and taskmaster all rolled into one. Essentially, users can add a number of tasks or lists to Any. Do, and all of these tasks can be shared with other Android users, organized, and completed with the swipe of a finger. One of the coolest Any.Do features, though, is the ability to tap the microphone icon and actually record a task that you have to accomplish. Any.Do will then convert that recording into text, so your task will appear inside of the Any.Do app instantly – simplicity at its best.

Pocket (Free)

You might have heard of an app called Read It Later awhile ago. Well, Pocket, is actually the new name for Read It Later, but the app remains just as excellent as it ever was. Pocket is, ultimately, a bookmarking app that lets users bookmark site pages and other bits for later reading. Pocket includes a very easy to use interface with lots of excellent features. If you have ever thought to yourself: “wow, I really need to read this later!” Pocket is absolutely the one app that you are missing.

Instagram (Free)

I know, everyone knows what Instagram is, right? Well, why don’t you have it yet? Instagram is the ultimate photo snapping and filter app that most of the world just can’t live without. Now that Instagram is available to both iOS and Android users, you have no excuse not to take amazing snapshots all day long!