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Bluetooth headsets have become a vital part of today’s communication world. Some headsets are basic and simplistic, while others include numerous apps, voice commands, and other innovative features. While there are a number of Bluetooth headsets available, only a handful of these devices are worth purchasing. Noise cancellation options, comfort, and user control are the most important things to consider when selecting a Bluetooth headset. A top of the line headset can be purchased for $40+.

Note: all prices included in this document were accurate at the time of this writing.

BlueAnt Q2' --$129

The BlueAnt Q2 headset is both practical and lightweight. A slim design makes this headset easy to store or carry, while various voice control options make it a cinch to use. This headset also includes A2DP streaming, impressive sound, and multi-connectivity. The BlueAnt Q2 was originally designed for use with most smartphones, though it can also be used with a regular phone. Some users may find the various voice commands difficult to master, though this headset is extremely responsive.

Motorola Endeavor HX1 -- $37+

The first thing that users will notice about the Motorola Endeavor is the way that this headset fits. Motorola designed the Endeavor to sit snugly inside of a user’s ear, which is vital when using a hands-free headset. The second thing that users will notice is Endeavor’s “bone-conduction” noise eliminator. This feature effectively eliminates any kind of background noise making the Endeavor perfect for use in public places. Motorola has also included “CrystalTalk” noise-cancellation system, which is ideal for regular daily use. The Endeavor also includes voice commands and multi-support.

Plantronics Savor M1100 -- $ 99+

As with most Bluetooth headsets, the Plantronics Savor M100 comes with multipoint features and A2DP streaming. This headset is also lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday use. A single power switch and a dedicated voice command button contribute to this headset’s user-friendliness. Plantronics also allows users a one year free subscription to the company’s “Vocalyst” service. When connected to Vocalyst, users can send texts, tweets, and emails simply by talking. Users will have to sign up for the Vocalyst program after the one year trial has expired, though this program is innovative and useful in a number of situations.

Aliph Jawbone Icon Ace -- $94+

Jawbone has been making fashionable Bluetooth headsets for awhile now, and the Ace is no exception to this rule. The Aliph Jawbone Icon Ace comes with a sleek exterior, an on/off switch, and various options that set this headset apart from the crowd. Numerous apps can be added to the Ace through Jawbone’s MyTalk site that makes talking and multi-tasking easier. Ace also comes with a built-in iPhone battery gauge that alerts users when an iPhone is about to run out of battery power. The Aliph Jawbone Icon Ace sits comfortably inside of the ear. This headset also includes a number of different ear-fit selections. Users will find the Ace simple, effective, and an all-around excellent Bluetooth headset choice.