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Attempting to organize brainstorming session might seem silly. Yet, putting your brainstorms into a perfect chart or balanced spreadsheet is both useful and helpful. Good brainstorming software won’t stifle your creativity, but it will put things into perspective for you. Once you’ve recorded some ideas, you can rely on great software to keep those ideas safe for you.

As with most other software, brainstorming tools might come with a learning curve. The best way to overcome this curve is to work with any given tool for a good amount of time. You’ll eventually discover that this software is the best way to organize your thoughts. You can purchase great brainstorming software for less than $100.

GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus -- $60+
If you procrastinate your days away, you need GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus. This software was designed for people who spend time surfing the net and sending emails instead of working. GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus is a goal-oriented tool that allows you to schedule long-term and short-term goals. In addition, this tool will help you reach those goals by prioritizing your daily schedule. The program itself includes a help guide, easy instruction, and a simple interface. A trial version of GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus is available, though this version is limited. If you are amongst the many that have a hard time concentrating, give GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus a try.

ThoughtStack – Free
True to its name, ThoughtStack is an innovative free program that stacks and organizes thoughts. ThoughtStack can be thought of as a virtual notebook that helps you organize ideas, take notes, and plan creatively. A useful tree structure provides an easy way to enter and view notes. Once a tree has been created, users can “fold” the tree, and access various thoughts through a number of tabs. One of the greatest things about ThoughtStack is that you can control this entire program by using hotkeys. Simple, intelligent, and useful, ThoughtStack is one free program that’s worth a look.

MindGenius -- $200+
MindGenius is one of the more expensive brainstorming products available. As such, this software performs more thought organizing tasks than other programs. MindGenius uses high-quality mind maps to help you organize your thoughts. Entering information into these maps is quick and painless. What’s more, you can use hotkeys to control MindGenius, which makes it simple and fast to insert data. MindGenius also allows you to drag and drop information (a feature that all programs should include!). Intuitive, clean, and simple, MindGenius gets tops marks. In short, this software is worth the extra money if you really want to organize your thoughts using helpful thought maps.

Todolist Project – Free
Sometimes you just need a simple to do list. When these moments strike, a no-nonsense virtual list that is easily accessed is just the ticket. Todolist Project is a free program that creates a color-coded to do list. Tasks can be entered individually or you can enter information directly from your Outlook account. The simple interface that comes with Todolist Project is refreshing while the program itself is all that you’ll need to create a handy to do list.