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  • 4 Great eReader Gifts
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Buying an avid reader an eReader for Christmas is a good idea. This is especially true if that person travels a lot or doesn't always have time to run to a bookstore. There are lots of eReader options, too, and that makes buying these gadgets even more fun.

Here's a look at the best eReaders, and why you may or may not want to settle on one over the other.

1. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: the Paperwhite that appeared this year is faster, brighter, and much more responsive. This all adds up to an eReader that works great and provides a nice overall reading experience. The one drawback here is that you'll get ads if you go for the ad-free version, and you are restricted to Amazon content (but, that's not really a bad thing).

2. Kobo Aura: the Kobo Aura is the lesser-known eReader of the bunch, but it still deserves some recognition. This eReader comes with WiFi capabilities and a really nice and light design. You won't get access to all of Amazon's content, and you will need to connect the Aura to a PC if you want to download certain books, but those are minor drawbacks.

3. Amazon Kindle: this is Amazon's other popular eReader. The difference between the Kindle and Paperwhite (other than the price) is the non-touch screen (the Paperwhite is also more book-like).

4. Barnes and Noble Nook: the Barnes and Noble Nook GlowLight is immensely popular right now because it's lightweight and comes with a decent selection of book downloads. The Nook does come with audio or a browser, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Should You Buy an eBook?

You may think that an eBook is the best thing on the planet, and this may be the opinion of the person you're buying a gift for too. But, do keep in mind that some people prefer actual books. So, buy an eBook for someone that likes technology and gadgets, but don't try to convert your aging grandmother from a good old paperback to an eBook. Otherwise, an eBook is a solid gift choice.

You can grab an eBook for under $200, and it's not too late to buy one if you place a quick order with a super fast delivery time. eBooks are all the rage during the holiday season because they let people read while on the go, and that's something that most people love about the eBook lifestyle.

Which One To Buy?

So, which one should you hunker down and purchase? I suggest reading lots of reviews like this one, and picking up a few to try in-store. For my money, though, I like the new Nook - it has a soft exterior that's nice to hold, and a screen that's nice to look at.

Do you have an eReader? Which one do you like? Do you prefer one over the other, or do you have one all wrapped up already? I'd love to hear what you have to say about the eReader selection currently available!