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With all the iPad Mini and Windows 8 news, things like TVs seem to have disappeared. But, fear not – manufacturers are still making great TVs! In fact, a lot of new TVs have come out over the past few months. TVs that are worth talking about. If you’re in the market for a TV and not for an iPad, here are some great ones under that $1000 mark.

Panasonic TC-PU50 ($898)

Panasonic has made some great TVs over the past few years. Knocking companies like Sony out of the water, the Panasonic TC-PU50 really puts the rest to shame. After having the chance to view this TV, I can tell you that the colors are deep, the lines are non-existent, and it comes with a really handy SD slot if you want to check out your photos on your TV.

As with almost any other plasma on the market, the TC-PU50 does wash out a bit when viewed in a room with too much light. The only other drawback is that this TV is slightly more power hungry than most. Otherwise, this is a solid buy that you won’t be disappointed with.

Sharp LC-LE640U ($938)

There’s one main reason why Sharp’s LC-LE640U made this list. This TV comes with a matte screen. Why does this matter? When a screen is matte, as opposed to glossy, it’s much easier to view any show or movie in a room with lots of light. If you happen to have a living room that lets the sunshine in, this Sharp TV is for you.

As far as colors and display go, the LC-LE640U includes deep darks and vibrant colors. Drawbacks to consider include uneven color when viewing certain shows in a particularly dark room. Then again, if you’re buying this TV for the matte screen effect, you probably won’t be viewing it in a dark room.

Vizio E1i-A3 ($999)

This Vizio TV is right at the $1000 cut off mark. But, it’s also a 60-inch TV (the other TVs in this list are at the 50-inch mark). Televisions have come so far that it is actually possible to purchase a 60-inch for less than $1000 these days. Imagine that!

With the Vizio E1i-A3 you will get a great LED TV and a particularly intuitive QWERTY remote – why more manufacturers don’t adapt the QWERTY idea is really beyond me. This also happens to be a Smart TV. When compared to other LED TVs, Vizio’s doesn’t present quite the same picture, but it’s a player all the same. If you’re going to purchase this TV, it will be because you want 60-inches over quality.

Lots More Out There

TVs have largely been ignored this past year thanks to all the tablet and other tech news. This ignorance is a positive thing for consumers, though. As TV manufacturers worry about the portability of laptops, tablets, and hybrids, standard TVs are becoming larger and less expensive.

TV technology has also come a long way, and colors displayed on screens today are better than ever before. While that glare factor still remains (unless you purchase a matte screen), you can really snag a great TV for less than $1000 without too much trouble.