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  • iPad Accessories That Are Great (Promise!)
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There are so, so, so many accessories available for the iPad. Too many, really. From startups raising funds on sites like Kickstarter to accessories that are already on store shelves, there's no shortage of fun to go along with your iPad. Unfortunately -- most of those accessories aren't worth the cash that you'll have to put up.

Here's a list of iPad accessories that work well, are easy to use, and I promise you'll love!

The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case

I've seen plenty of people use an iPad without a keyboard or protective case. But, if you happen to type a lot using your iPad, a keyboard will make your life a lot easier. Belkin's design wraps around an iPad making it entirely secure, and the keyboard portion of this case is also top-notch. You can also place the keyboard at various angles, so that you can get as comfortable as possible. Two thumbs up! Price: $99.

Seagate Wireless Plus

Travel frequently? You'll love this! This hard drive stores all of your movies, songs, documents, and photos - wirelessly. You can stream directly from the Wireless Plus to three devices simultaneously. How cool is that? This device also gets great battery life too at 10 hours or more. On the go? Take this with you! Price: $199.

Twelve South Compass

Okay, I mostly just like the look of this iPad stand - but it works well too. This compact iPad stand looks like a compass and holds up your iPad at that perfect angle. You can adjust the way that the iPad is held, and this stand doesn't take up any space at all. Place it on your desk, throw it in your bag, or put it on your countertop for easily portability and a stand that just plain works (and looks great). Price: $38

Pogo Connect Stylus

Need a stylus for your iPad? There are more than few to choose from on the market, but this one is perfect for that budding artist in you. The Pogo Connect Stylus looks sleek, is a great tool for drawing and drafting, and is a really ideal way to sketch while you're on the go. Price: $65

What to Watch Out For

When you're in a store that's filled with lots of shiny packages and amazing lighting, it's hard not to fall for that demo device. Just make sure the device that you're about to pick up to go with your iPad is recommended by others. Never heard of it? Do some research before you plunk down your cash. Otherwise, you might wind up with one of the worst accessories on the planet.

Each one of the iPad accessories here has been tried and tested, so you know that you're getting something great. Not sure if the accessory you're about to buy is worth it? Leave me a note and I'll test it out. More often than not, the vast majority of iPad accessories are best left on store shelves! Am I missing one? Comment below