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  • Top 5 Mobile Games You Have to Play Now
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We all have a favorite mobile game, whether we like to admit it or not. It's a great way to pass the time while waiting at the dentist's office or in the airport when your flight is delayed.

The folks over at Super Monitoring compiled a handy infographic detailing mobile use, full of interesting data on how we use these little hand held computers on a daily basis. 91 percent of all people worldwide own a mobile phone, with 56 percent of those people owning a smartphone.

While people are turning to their phones for things like online shopping and quick email checks, they're increasingly using their phones to go online. 50 percent of mobile web users actually rely on their phones as their preferred method of logging on.

What's more, 80% of the average user's time is spent within apps installed on their smartphone. Whether iOS or Android, the infographic states that people spend the most time, 32 percent of it to be exact, playing mobile games, followed by using the web browser and logging onto Facebook, which both tied at 18%.

What games are they playing, besides the old standbys Words with Friends, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush? Here's a look of the top five mobile games so that you can play for yourself, listed in no particular order.

1.Heads Up. If you're an Ellen DeGeneres fan, then you know all about this game, perfect for game nights with friends and family. If you don't, have you ever played Headbanz? It's like that, only you don't need to strap on that silly headpiece with the card slid into it. You simply hold your phone in front of your head. If you are still clueless, here's the deal: you draw a card by tilting your phone, which appears on the screen. Hold it up to your forehead, and try to guess what the word is using only the clues provided by your opponent.

If you guess correctly, tilt your phone down. If you haven't the slightest idea, you are able to tilt the phone up to pass, giving you a different card. You can play with one friend, or a roomful, it doesn't matter. There are 18 different decks to choose from, all representing themes like Celebrities or Animals. Added bonus: you can take video of the action right from your phone, and share on Facebook to make all of your friends jealous. Pick it up for $0.99 in the App Store or Google Play.

2.Sorcery! Is fantasy more your thing? Check out ‘Sorcery!’ a D&D-style game that leads you on a fantasyland adventure, fighting beasts, using magic, and exploring new worlds. The game is divided into four parts, and is like “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” on steroids – there are well over tens of thousands of possible choices! You decide how the story ends, and the types of people your characters end up being. The maps are 3D, yet with that hand-drawn look. Part 1 and Part 2 are both available for download in the App Store for iOS for $4.99, and will be coming soon to Android, according to the game's site.

3.Plants vs. Zombies 2. It's quite similar to the original, where zombies are trying to make their way into your house, but your plants save the day. You can use Cherry Bombs, Peashooters, Wall-nuts, and other fun plant-related weaponry to keep the zombies at bay. There are many different types of zombies to kill, with new types of both zombies and plants introduced in this version. You can also choose to take part in challenges, and battle zombies from all game worlds for prizes. Play for free on either iOS or Android.

4.Strata. This is a puzzle game with a unique twist. You simply lay ribbons of different colors on top of each other until they match the given pattern. Strategy is key, and what's great about this puzzle game is that as you progress and pick up little tips along the way, the puzzles get trickier leaving you continually challenged. With hundreds of puzzles increasing in difficulty, you would think you'd lose your mind. But you don't – maybe it has something to do with the relaxing music playing in the background! Give your brain a challenge and pick up this game for iOS or Android for $2.99.

5.Deus Ex: The Fall. If you are a fan of RPG and a good story line, this is the game for you. It takes place in 2027, where corporations have taken over the world and the drug supply that augmented humans rely on for survival. One of those augmented humans, Ben Saxon, feels the need to solve the problem to save himself and others just like him. The graphics are astounding, the action is intense, and the story will excite you. It is a continuation of the novel Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect, and is available for $6.99 for both iOS and Android.

Do you currently play any of these games?