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  • Five Apps That Won’t Help You Slack
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Apps are fun. But, most apps promote slacking. For example, Angry Birds. There’s nothing productive about spending hours flinging birds. Or Facebook. Sure, you need to know what’s happening every minute, but that won’t help you meet deadlines. Are there any apps that will actually increase productivity? You bet. Do you have any of those apps? Probably not; but that can be fixed. Here are five apps that will help you increase your productivity and have nothing to do with birds (even ones dressed as Luke Skywalker).

Abukai Express -- $39/Year

Few things are more mundane than filing expense reports. Sadly, someone has to do it. If you happen to be that “someone,” you will love Abukai Express. Well worth the $39 per year cost, this iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry app makes expense report filing simpler. You can snap photos of receipts, and receive a filed report in return. Abukai Express also comes with a smooth interface that’s very easy to use.

SoHo OS – Free

SoHo OS is a free Internet app that aims to make running a small business easier. Basically, this app acts as an operating system that includes everything you need for your business. Payment processing, inventory management, invoicing, and project management are all included in this app. Check out SoHo OS’s website for additional details, you’ll be glad you did.

SlideRocket – Various Prices

Do you create a lot of Cloud presentations? If you do, SlideRocket might become your best friend. This is one of the simplest Cloud presentation tools available. Great graphics, fast slides, and plenty of customization options are included in this app. While some people believe that presentations belong on the desktop, SlideRocket might prove those people wrong. SlideRocket is available online and for iOS devices.

Dragon Dictate (Mac) -- $179.99

This app is especially useful for writers. Or, anyone who spends a great deal of time typing. Dragon Dictate is a speech-to-text tool for Mac users. As you might have guessed, this app allows you to speak out loud, and have your words typed automatically. Dragon Dictate comes with a high price, but this price is justified – just ask any writer. For under $200, you can save the pain that comes with typing all day long.

Stayfocused – Free

Have a problem staying focused? Stayfocused will help. This app blocks certain URLs while you are working. Try as you might, you won’t be able to access Facebook, Twitter, or any other time-wasting website. Just set Stayfocused according to your schedule, and learn what it means to truly stay focused. Right now, Stayfocused only works with Chrome.

These Apps Work

See? There are apps that will help with productivity. While most apps are out to make you waste your time (Instagram, anyone?), there are some apps that do just the opposite. If you need help staying on track, any one of these apps will do the trick. Know what’s even better? Many of these apps are free. How’s that for incentive? Whether you use Android, iOS, a Mac or a PC, there’s a productivity app for you.