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Scheduling employees is no easy task. Conflicting schedules and last minute changes make managing employees confusing and frustrating. You can attempt to schedule employees with some quick-thinking and writing, or you can use a handy scheduling program. Scheduling software is easy to operate and cost-effective.

Some web-based program can be purchased on a monthly basis while other programs cost less than $100. Top-notch programs may exceed the $100 level, though these programs are not necessary for every industry. Look for a program that is flexible, easy to use, and includes a lot of scheduling tools.

WhenToWork -- $15 Per Month

WhenToWork is a web-based scheduler that really makes creating schedules simple. In addition, this software can be accessed by your employees around-the-clock. By logging into WhenToWork, your employees can view their weekly schedule from anywhere. You can create weekly, monthly, and daily schedules, post these schedules online, and forget about scheduling any employees for the rest of the month. WhenToWork also allows you to add address and telephone numbers to each employee listed on a schedule. Multiple-location functions, password encryption, and creating multiple shifts are also possible. Since WhenToWork is a web-based program, you don’t have to download or configure this software. In every manner, WhenToWork is the ultimate scheduling tool.

Schedule It -- $100+

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Schedule It is a little more expensive than other scheduling programs. Don’t let the price of this software turn you off from this excellent product. Schedule It comes with drag and drop capabilities, which makes this interface user-friendly. You can schedule daily, weekly, and monthly shifts with this program, and you can also create multiple-shifts. The schedules that are created are also color-coded, which makes it impossible to confuse two schedules. You can also schedule meeting rooms and assign specific tasks, which are two options that other scheduling programs don’t offer. The one drawback to Schedule It is the inability to print schedules. Other than this minor issue, Schedule It has an easy to use interface that many will find helpful.

Time Tracker -- $400+

If you have money in your budget for a top-notch program, Time Tracker is it. This program comes with so many different scheduling options that it’s hard to list them all. Not only does Time Tracker offer everything that other scheduling programs offer, but this program also includes an option to schedule specific shift times, floor schedules, and employee-specific details. For example, you can list the amount of sick leave that an employee has take or track vacation time through Time Tracker. This program is also easy to install, user-friendly all around, and filled with many specification options. If you’re looking for a program that does it all, Time Tracker is the right choice.

ClockIt -- $70+

ClockIt is a good basic time scheduler that many people will find effective. For around seventy-dollars (at the time of this writing), you can purchase a program that will allow you to create color-coded schedules, add employee details to schedules, and assign multiple employee shifts. Employees will have no problem reading the schedules created by ClockIt, and you’ll find ClockIt’s interface straightforward (a wizard helps guides you through this entire program). A basic scheduler with some great options, ClockIt is a good buy.