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You are the proud owner of a new tablet and the whole world of apps is ahead of you. Your tablet can do a whole load of exciting things, some of which you may not have realised. This article will explore some of the best apps that you can download for your tablet.
Although you might not have an eReader, your tablet is certainly capable of displaying eBooks. This is thanks to the free Kindle app from Amazon. There a lot of public domain books that you can download for free, meaning that you can have the pleasure of reading on your tablet without paying a penny. If you do want to buy then you can read the first chapter of a book for free before departing with your cash. One of the great features of this app is that you can sync your eBooks across all your devices. That means you can begin reading on your computer and then later pick it up from the same spot on your tablet.
Your tablet can do than let you read eBooks, though. You can also check out the latest comics thanks to Comixology. All the comics are stored in the cloud, meaning that you can access your collection from multiple devices at any time. Comics can be read in full colour and you can zoom in close on the art work. A lot of major labels (Marvel, DC and Image to name a few) have their comics available on the app, as do a lot of independent companies. If comics are your thing then Comixology will sort you out.
Your tablet is also capable of running games. A lot of these vary in quality, but there are gems out there. One such title is The Walking Dead, an adventure game from Telltale Games that is based on the popular comic book and TV series. The game is set over five different episodes and engages you in an engrossing plot by giving you tricky moral decisions. The Walking Dead is a paid app, but it has won countless awards and is well worth your money. If you are looking for something free, then you could try the ubiquitous Angry Birds. It is great fun and the size of the tablet screen makes it easier to play than on a phone.
Of course, all the popular social networks have their own apps for tablets. Facebook and Twitter’s apps appear pretty similar to the actual webpage, but have been streamlined to look better on a tablet screen. You can also get Skype, which is great for making video calls to other users. If you have a front facing camera on your tablet then this is well worth a download.
Finally, if you want to check out all the files on your tablet (beyond the inbuilt gallery browsers) then you can use ES File Explorer. This app allows you to search files, compress folders and organise folders. It is a very useful program and should really be included by default.
These are just but a few of the apps that are now at your fingertips. There is something out there for everyone, whether you just want to socialise or game, so get checking out the app marketplace.