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  • Best Blogging Platform for SEO: Wordpress
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Wordpress, in my opinion, is the best blogging platform period. While that’s a matter of personal preference, the fact that Wordpress handles SEO incredibly well is not. That’s pure fact. Here are a few of the key reasons why Wordpress should be powering your website or blog.


What looks prettier to you?: http://www.myblog.com/p?12 or http://myblog.com/free-cheese. Chances are, you picked the second one. And so would a search engine. The URL of your page is a great opportunity to include some relevant keywords to help users and search engine bots find the content that they are looking for.

It’s Free and Open Source

Wordpress is free. That’s a quality it shares with Blogger and a few other platforms, but the open source part is key. Wordpress has one of the most vibrant communities of developers of any web software. This means boatloads of high quality plugins, custom themes and other customizations of Wordpres that help you expand the functionality of this already powerful blogging platform.

Google Digs It

Google’s head of the webspam team Matt Cutts is a frequent speaker at WordCamp, the biggest national Wordpress Convention. Cutts says that Wordpress is a “fantastic choice” for SEO purposes. He likes the way it handles canonical URLs and permalinks. Need more proof? He uses Wordpress on his blog at MattCutts.com/blog. According to Cutts, Wordpress does 80 to 90 percent of the mechanical work required for good search engine optimization.

Trackback and Comments

Links are king in the world of SEO and Wordpress encourages and leverages links right out of the box. Your posts get a pingback when someone links to your page and the built-in support for comments galvanizes discussions on each post and page.

Clean Code

Wordpress is clean and lightweight, meaning faster load times and less fluff for search engine bots to sift through. You can also get some excellent plugins that will optimize your Wordpress database behavior.


Anyone can use Wordpress. Even the self-hosted installation is a breeze, especially with Fantastico. But for those who aren’t comfortable setting up their own Wordpress.org blog, it’s simple enough to blog on your own after hiring a web design firm to construct a custom Wordpress site for you. No matter how complex a Wordpress installation can get under the hood, the simple act of blogging with Wordpress is entirely novice friendly.

Automatic Updates

Wordpress is very good at releasing critical updates and notifying Wordpress users that they are available. Usually, you can install this with a single click--no FTPing, no unzipping.

Deep Wordpress Theme Customization

Wordpress themes range from simple color schemes and layouts to full-fledged website templates with custom widgets, social media gadgets, slideshows and other robust features. This allows you to pull content from other sources, wire together your other web presences, encourage links and sharing and more, all without knowing a lick of code.


Wordpress is amazing for SEO as is. But with plugins and theme customization, the possibilties are endless. Much work has already been done by the open source community to make Wordpress the best blogging platform for SEO, and thanks to their efforts, anyone can enjoy the benefits of this incredibly search engine friendly content management system.