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  • Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and OKCupid Compared
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Picking up someone in a bar or at a party can still be done, but most singles find dates through apps. The problem is that there are tons of dating apps out there, and it’s hard to figure out which one to join.

Some of those apps are for casual dating, and others are for the more serious types, but which one should you pick if you want to get on the dating scene? Here’s a closer look at the top dating apps, and which ones might be best for you.

The Tinder App

Tinder is easily one of the most popular dating apps. Why? Mostly because it’s really simple to use. You don’t have to fill in any forms or spend hours pouring over questions. All you have to do is connect the app to Facebook (and if you’re worried about privacy, this may not be the best option), and Tinder will compare your likes and dislikes on the social network with potential dates.

Once Tinder finds you a bunch of people that you might want to date, you can either like those profiles or swipe to dismiss the thought of ever going out with that person. You can literally flip through hundreds of profiles in minutes.

The people that use Tinder the most are those looking for quick match ups. The only way to really control this app is to change your likes and dislikes on Facebook, and know that only the people you like can actually message you. Since it’s fast, Tinder is popular, but it may not be the best app to use if you want to wind up married to a first date.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a bit more thorough than Tinder. You can add your likes and dislikes to your profile, see who’s nearby, and even use a quick ‘Meet Me’ option to set up a fast date. If two people seem like a good match, both will get a notification from the app. From there, you can decide whether or not to date that person. Since you do have to fill out a profile (though quick) Plenty of Fish may find you a better mate than Tinder.

Those that use Plenty of Fish are looking for a bit more than commonalities according to Facebook likes and dislikes. While this isn’t the most intensive of all the dating apps, it’s still a deeper option than Tinder.

OKCupid App

If Tinder is simple, OKCupid is a lot more complex. This dating app (also available on the web) ask each person to go through a lengthy profile questionnaire, and follows that up with a slew of different questions. It can feel like you’re forever answering questions about yourself with OKCupid, but that’s largely the point of this dating app. When you answer a lot of questions, the matches that you will receive become better matches, so it’s within your interest to answer as many questions as possible.

Mostly, the people using OKCupid are looking for a longer term commitment. It may take a while to go through the app process, but it pays off in the long run. If you’re looking for more information about a person that goes outside of what they like on Facebook, OkCupid is the answer.