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  • Hay Day Is the Next Candy Crush
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Hay Day Is the Next Candy Crush

There’s a new game in town called Hay Day (iOS and Android), and it’s seriously addicting. Hay Day lets gamers create a virtual farm, harvest crops, feed animals, and do all kinds of things that resemble working on a real farm (without the manual labor, of course). For some reason, this game is seriously addicting, and it’s the newest game to take the world by storm – or maybe it hasn’t yet, but it will.


You start the game with a basic plot of farmland, and you have to add things to the land like pigpens and cow pens and other farming basics. The more items that you sell at your farm stand, the more animals and other things you can buy. On any given day, you can make certain things on your farm too like baked goods and butter, and your animals provide the basics like eggs, bacon, and milk.

Players have to be strategic when planting crops, so that animals have enough food, and there’s enough sugarcane and other items to use to create goods for sale. The game’s developers have set up the whole atmosphere so that the game is entirely addicting – crops grow every minute or so, for example, and pigs provide bacon every so often. The point here is that you have to keep checking your farm for things to do, and there’s always something to do. You can also buy goods from other farms (other players), and do things like collect diamonds to move ahead in the game.

A Supercell Hit

Hay Day is really fun to play, and it effectively takes your mind away from daily life by letting you run a virtual farm. You do have to watch out for those “buy now” traps, though, because those are always linked to your credit card. If you have kids, you can turn off the option to purchase items (things like diamonds can be tempting).

The graphics are decent, the colors are intense, and the game is also a good lesson in farming education – you do have to learn what animals eat, how to make certain things, and how to sell goods, after all. In some way, I suppose, the game does teach people that things like eggs and milk don’t come from a supermarket.

Hay Day is currently available for both iOS and Android, and signing up to play the game is free. I’m betting that Supercell makes a ton of money from people that purchase items along the way to progress further in the game, but that’s all well and good if you understand that you have to pay real world money for virtual items.

If you’re looking for a highly addictive game to play to pass the time (or want to teach your kids about farming), Hay Day is definitely worth playing. It’s also interesting to see how many people from around the world are playing this game! Have you checked it out yet?