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  • Beyond The Box Will Gather Up All The Best Sports Tweets!
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Are you a sports fan? Do you like to use a second screen when you watch sports? There's a growing trend in the sports world. Sports fans are now using second screens, like tablets and smartphones, in addition to watching games. Why? More content -- specifically, more Twitter content.

In order to cater to that want and need, a new startup has created a really cool sports app. This app will collect all of the Twitter news related to your favorite team, so that you don't have to mess around with hashtags and such. What's the app called and where do you get it? Details below.

Beyond The Box App

I love the name of this app. Beyond the Box (beyond your TV box, that is) aggregates all the best bits from Twitter related to your beloved sport. The app pulls from player accounts, news sources, and various other accounts in order to bring you an all-around picture. So, you can be the expert during any big game that you are about to watch.

If the game is a major event like the Super Bowl, I imagine that Beyond The Box will gather advertising data and other data of this kind as well. You can learn all you need and want to learn without actually having to search for anything on your own. This app does it all for you. Doesn't that sound great?

Teams That Are Covered By Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box will cover tweets related to NHL, NFL, MLB, and the NBA. In short, every major sports organization with the exception of soccer, which might actually be a mistake on the part of this startup. No World Cup coverage, guys? You might be missing a huge market here.

Another drawback to Beyond the Box is that this app is only available through the iPad and iPad Mini. So, you have to have an iPad, and you can't use a smartphone to track your favorite teams using the Beyond the Box app. Availability may soon change, though. After all, this is just a startup, so give the team a chance.

No Fan Tweets

Interestingly, Beyond the Box doesn't aggregate fan tweets, so you can't get in on arguments or fan discussions. You can, however, see what players are tweeting. Is the lack of fan aggregation a mistake? It's hard to say, but it is important to note that, once again, this is a new app and a new company.

The app officially launched Thursday, and you can snag it now from the App Store if you have an iPad or iPad Mini. No iPad? You might just have to wait awhile for other compatibility options. Even though there are some drawbacks to this app, the overall idea is an excellent one. Now, if the company could expand to include popular TV show aggregation, this startup could grab a whole new audience. What do you think? Will you use this app the next time you watch a major game?