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Is a Big Phone Right for You?

It’s hard to find someone these days that isn’t talking or snapping pictures with a phone roughly the size of a small hand. It’s even harder to upgrade from a smaller phone to one that’s slightly larger, since there aren’t a ton of smaller options. While there are some added benefits to a larger phone, phones of this size definitely aren’t for everyone.

Some Drawbacks

The first and most obvious drawback to a larger phone is that it doesn’t fit in your pocket. Now, if you are paranoid about a phone being too close to your body and everything that goes with that line of thinking, not being able to fit a phone in your pocket might not be a big deal for you. If you do like to carry your phone around in your pocket, though, you’ll need some bigger pockets.

The other thing is that a larger phone (or phablet or whatever you want to call it) can feel really awkward at first. If you aren’t used to snapping photos with something so large or making a call with a larger phone, this size will feel very strange to you. On the flip side, there are some definite positive aspects of having a larger phone.

The Benefits

Most people that have switched to a larger phone have found that taking photos is much simpler, and a larger phone will also give you a clearer picture when you are taking photos. The other benefit is that you can really use a larger phone to search the Internet. Now, if you’re thinking that you can already use a small phone to search the Internet, you’re partly right. A smaller phone will allow you to search the Internet, but a phone that’s massive in size will let you see what you’re searching for much better.

Most people (not all but most) that move to a larger phone are happy with this decision. At first, those larger options might seem way too big for any kind of comfort, but many find it’s easy to get used to this larger format. In addition, it’s tough to find smaller phones right now, since nearly every company is moving to that larger format. But if you do want a smaller phone, you may be able to find one (BlackBerry still has some options, and there are a few Android options as well - Apple has mostly gone to the larger format).

Is It For You?

With most carriers, you can test out a phone or two. My advice is to go with a larger phone and see what it does (or doesn’t do) for you. If you don’t love that phone, simply return it. If you do love the larger format, you can keep the phone - a simple solution. As for this writer, I’m moving to a larger phone simply for the fact that it’s easier to take photos with.

While I can’t stick it in my pocket, I can snap more photos and spend more time looking on the Internet without ever having to whip out my iPad.