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  • This Is the Ultimate Hard Drive
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Some hard drives sit nicely on your desk. Other hard drives were built for small devices like laptops. Every once in awhile though, a hard drive that commands attention enters the hard drive market. These hard drives are impossible to ignore and come with more space than most people will ever find use for.

But, if you happen to run a small business or just have a ridiculous amount of files that you want to store, the Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II (6TB) is the best hard drive on the market for you – or, maybe, it’s just the hard drive that will show up all the other hard drives, if you’re into competition at all.

Inside the Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II

You might have noticed above that this is a 6TB hard drive – that’s terabytes, folks. To put this into perspective consider that just 1TB could hold up to 220 million pages of any given text. Now, think about a 6TB drive – that’s more than 100 million pages. If you’re thinking that this is a lot of space, that would be an understatement – this hard drive holds an almost immeasurable amount of space. In addition to space, this Western Digital offering can support eSATA, FireWire, and USB 2.0. Unfortunately, this hard drive doesn’t support Thunderbolt, so keep this in mind prior to purchase.

As you might have guessed, a hard drive of this size isn’t small by any means. The Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II measures 6.54 by 3.87 by 6.06 inches, so this might not be a drive that you’ll want to throw on top of your desktop. But, it’s hard to find another drive out there that’s as large and performs as well as this one does. You might think that a drive of this size would also be slow, but this really isn’t the case. When tested, the My Book Studio Edition II performed very well and clocked 12-second speeds. This hard drive also comes with a very easy to use interface, which just ups the overall package.

Will You Benefit From This Mammoth Drive?

Do you need a drive that’s as big as this one is? Well, that depends on what you are looking to do with a hard drive. If you just want to store a few files and some photos, this probably isn’t the drive for you (there are much smaller and faster drives out there that will do the trick). On the other hand, if you have more files to store than the national library, this is a fine hard drive to choose. Aside from expectations and needs, it’s also important to consider the price of this drive – just in case you’re tempted to buy the biggest drive out there for no particularly good reason.

Western Digital isn’t giving this hard drive away at nearly $500. So, really, you’d have to be serious about your storage abilities in order to plunk down $500 in cash on a drive of this size. But, if storage is what you’re after, make sure to head over to the Western Digital website to check out more specs in regards to this drive. Sure, there are smaller drives on the market, but this one is the ultimate hard drive for those who just have to keep every file.