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  • BIKN: Find Your Stuff
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Stuff is great. Some stuff is expensive, other stuff is irreplaceable, and often stuff is hard to find even when it’s right in front of you. BIKN is part GPS tracker, part iPhone app, and part iPhone case. What do BIKN and your stuff have in common? BIKN is a small device that will let you track your stuff using your iPhone (and the BIKN case, of course). BIKN is easy to use, presents many people with a great tool for finding stuff, and can be designed to your liking.

BIKN first appeared at the CES conference in Las Vegas last week, but this device is already turning a lot of heads. There’s no other device like BIKN on the market, and it’s actually a device that can have a lot of applications. What can you do with BIKN and how does it work? Here are all the nitty-gritty details.

How BIKN Works

BIKN is essentially and iPhone case that comes with three tags to start (up to eight tags can be added to one iPhone). These small clip-on tags can then be clipped to any item, pet, child, or other item. Once clipped, the free BIKN iPhone app will allow users to page a person who’s wearing a tag, find out if a child or pet has crossed a set-boundary (geo-fence), and locate any item at any time – no more misplaced keys or wallet.

As you might have guessed, there are lots of ways that BIKN can be used. A BIKN tag could be attached to an elderly person for peace of mind, a tag could be clipped to a child’s belt while playing on a playground, and tags can be attached to any item inside or outside of your home. You could also attach a BIKN tag to any valuable items in your home or place one on a package that you have asked someone to transport for you. The ways that you can use BIKN are endless, and this is one solid product.

Let Your Stuff Find You

Not only can BIKN be used to find your stuff, but you can use BIKN to let you stuff find you. A good example of how this works is written on the BIKN website. If, for example, you forget your phone often, you can press the button that’s on a BIKN clip to see whether or not your phone is with you. If you don’t hear the BIKN pager go off, you have left your phone behind (you can do the same thing with your wallet and other items).

BIKN can also be customized according to your color preferences. When you head to the BIKN site, you will be asked to choose the color of your case and the color of your BIKN clips. If you want to mix and match, you can do this too. BIKN encourages users to be creative when choosing colors, and this preference option is a great way to get users involved in the whole BIKN process from start to finish.

So, how can you get your very own BIKN? Right now, this clever device isn’t on sale yet, though the BIKN website claims that this product will be ready to ship in January (so, a few weeks from now, maybe). As far as pricing goes, Mashable has listed the price of this device at $49, which is a really reasonable price to pay for such a practical item.