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  • BING Takes Politics To A New Level
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The race for the next U.S. President is almost over. But, that isn’t stopping search engine Bing from getting in on the action. Bing has just set up a political search filter that’s helpful and interesting. This new search option allows users to leaf through thousands of news articles related to the presidency.

Not only are a large number of news articles available, users can also filter the articles in various ways. If you are a U.S. citizen who’s currently undecided, this is a great search tool to use. It’s also an excellent way to search for presidential candidature information that’s factual, truthful, and taken from a wide variety of sources. Here’s how to use the new Bing political search tool.

Filtering News With the Bing Elections Tool

Bing Elections is full of search options. To the top of the screen, you will see an average search bar where you can type any search term. Once a term has been typed, news stories from around the world relevant to that term will pop up. You can also slide an interactive right/left bar at the top of the page to see news that swings to the right, left, or is neutral. The search page includes a map with up-to-date polling information; you can also search by state or candidate.

Bing also makes it possible to look at political news from a social standpoint. If you want to read news clips from, for example, Twitter, just click the “social” search tab. Likewise, there is a “video” search tab at the top of the screen too. It seems like Bing has covered most search angles with the Bing Elections Tool.

State Specific News Works Too

Want to know what will be on your state ballot? This information is located at the right side of the screen when you search for news via state. For example, searching for news from Florida brings up ballot issues from Florida. You can then view these issues further by conducting an in-depth search. If you just want to know why people are voting one way or anther in New Hampshire, you can read about these reasons too. The possibility of searching for news via state is a really great move on Bing’s part.

Even though Bing is coming a bit late to the election game (with just two weeks of campaigning left), the search tool that Bing has developed is ideal. This news tool is especially important in the face of so many biased news stories developing. As a journalist, I can tell you that news is skewed one way or another according to political alignment.

If you want to full truth and the real story, read a number of news clips from all over the globe. Don’t confine yourself to one publication. Bing makes searching for news easier, and this, in turn, allows Americans to vote based on education and research. In short, if you’re torn between one candidate or another or never read any newspaper that isn’t to the left of right, you are doing yourself a disservice. Visit the Bing Elections Tool page ({{http://www.bing.com/elections/|Bing Elections Tool}} today, and make an educated vote when the time comes.