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  • Bioshock Infinite Is On Sale! Details and Codes Here!
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It's the weekend. That means that you can openly slack and slouch for, at least, one whole day - maybe two. What better way to get your slack on than to sit down with a video game and spend hours staring mindlessly at a screen?

Today, 'Bioshock Infinite' is on sale for $27.99 (PC download). If you've been dying to test out this game, there's really no time like the present.

How To Get the Game

Gamefly is the company behind the new Bioshock Infinite sale (last month, Amazon held a similar sale). Gamefly is offering the game for $34.99, but you can sink that price even lower with a special coupon code. What's the code? If you are in the USA, the code is GFDJUN20. If you are in the UK, that code is GFDJUN20UK.

Head to the Gamefly site, click to download Bioshock Infinite, and use the code above according to where you're located at the moment. There's more too. More, you say? Yes, more. You can also get great deals on 'Bioshock 1&2,' 'Fallout New Vegas,' 'Mass Effect Trilogy,' and 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution.' Gamefly is set to have these kinds of deals all summer long, so grab them while you can. Today is the day to snatch that Bioshock Infinite deal, though. The deal will end shortly.

Game Details

Not familiar with Bioshock Infinite? Here are some details.

Bioshock Infinite is a first-person shooter game. THe game is set in 1912, and the object of the game is to find a girl (Elizabeth) who is held captive in Columbia. To get the girl, you have to shoot your way through a bunch of obstacles. The game is generally well received with a good storyline, excellent graphics, and all-around fun. If you like games that let you shoot things, this one is worth a try.

Usually, Bioshock Infinite is on the expensive side because it's such a popular game. The deal listed above is really a good one, so it's worth spending a few moments today with your credit card in one hand and that coupon code in the other.

No Access Code?

If you've downloaded the game from the Gamefly site, but you don't have an access code, just wait. The code will arrive when you receive your Gamefly order status update email. Just click on that email, open it up, and use the access code. You may have to install Gamefly's client to access the game, but this installation only takes a few moments to complete.

It's also worth mentioning that the site is experience some overload (lots of gamers want to snag this deal!), so don't fret if the site is taking longer than usual to load, or if you don't see your access code right away. Just sit tight. Do you love Bioshock Infinite? Want this code? Got other details to add to the game that I might have missed? Why not spend that time waiting for the code leaving me a note?