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  • Bitdefender Sphere: Protecting All of Your Android Devices
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Not too long ago, a security suite that protected your PC or Mac was adequate. Today, most people own a PC, a laptop, a mobile phone, a tablet, and many other devices. So, naturally, it makes good sense that a security suite should protect all of these things. Surprisingly, most security suites still only protect either a PC or a Mac. Bitdefender Sphere is different from all the rest, since this security suite makes a point of protecting all of the devices you own regardless of the device type.

Bitdefender Sphere will provide network security for up to three devices inside of your household. These devices can include a PC, Mac, or any other Android device you own, and that means that everything you have will be able to withstand any kind of virus attack – few other security suites can make this claim, and those that do have tough competition when it comes to what Bitdefender Sphere offers.

Android Protection

Norton and some other security companies offer security suites that also protect Android devices, but Bitdefender Sphere protects these devices just a bit differently. Bitdefender Sphere regularly scans all Android devices for any malware. In addition, this security suite protects against any recently installed apps by letting device owners know which apps regularly connect to the Internet (a useful notification to have). If you’re looking to cut back on any unforeseen costs, you’ll be happy to note that Bitdefender also protects against any unwanted costs by letting you know which apps might be costing you more money. You’ll also be notified when any apps are about to access important or sensitive data (like your bank account number or your contact list).

If you’re looking for a security suite that protects the iPhone from any viruses or malware, you’ll have to look further than Bitdefender Sphere. This security suite only protects against Android bugs as do most other suites on the market. The iPhone is less susceptible to malware attacks, which is why the top security suite developers have chosen to focus on Android. So, if you have an Android device or two, Bitdefender Sphere is a great option for you. This security suite does, however, protect Macs from attacks, which is curious.

Online Help and Updates

Unlike many other security suite companies, Bitdefender does back up all of its security products by offering users access to the MyBitdefender online portal. Using the MyBitdefender console, you can lock, track, access data, and even set parental controls on your PC. This handy online console is really quite innovative and proved to work very well when tested. Bitdefender also provides plenty of online help and troubleshooting options for users, which is more than can be said for a lot of the company’s competitors.

Bitdefender Sphere is moderately priced at around $70 – not a bad price to pay to protect three different devices. If you own a Mac instead of a PC, there’s just one note of caution that you should be aware of when considering the Bitdefender Sphere suite: this suite only protects Macs with antivirus protection, while PCs protected by Sphere will receive the full security suite. For the PC and Android owner, Bitdefender Sphere is a good security suite option.