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  • BitGym: This Exercise App Is Different. Really.
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By now, you are probably tired of hearing about exercise apps. After all, what could a new exercise app do that the last fifty haven't tried to accomplish? It's easy to take that stance, and I fully understand if you do. But, there are still app developers out there that aim to innovate.

BitGym is an exercise app, but it's not like all the rest. This app aims to make your endless hours on the treadmill exciting, and to give you something to do other than look at a TV screen or magazine. Take a look.

What BitGym Does

BitGym lets you stream exercise programs to your tablet or smartphone. These programs feature hiking trails and fun activities that you can use while you are working out at your neighborhood gym. What kinds of things can you look at while you workout?

You can select from a number of scenic trails like the California coastline, Swiss Alps, some back streets in France, and some other very scenic routes. Most of the routes are also well-known, so you will be able to travel to those destination virtually without every leaving your home. But, the lure of pretty scenery might not be enough to get this app funded - which is okay because BitGym offers more too.

Partnering Up

BitGym has also created a multiplayer platform that lets you partner up with another active person and BitGym user. Two users can run together on a specific trail, or use voice chat in order to talk and encourage each other. WiFi is necessary in order to make the voice chat feature function properly, though.

The idea here is the people will use the BitGym app often since it is a group-inspired app. However, BitGym is not the first multiplayer exercise app to hit the market. In fact, many apps have come before BitGym, and most of those have failed. What makes this one unique?

Banking On Details

BitGym developers are hoping that users will see the appeal in the detailed maps and hiking trails that the company has devised. Right now, the app is trying to generate backing via Kickstarter. If the app succeeds, the money will be used to make more lifelike trails and maps and other fun features that will, hopefully, contribute to exercise fun.

It's tough to say whether or not BitGym will succeed. On the one hand, exercising while looking at a virtual map or detailed hiking trail is fun (especially if the scenery is nice), and hooking up with a running partner through voice features is another nice detail. On the other hand, you do have to look at a smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android supported) in order to use this app.

I'm not so sure that runners and walkers will want to look at an app while using a piece of equipment in the gym. That might be, in some ways, rather uncomfortable and awkward.

But, there seems to be some interest in BitGym, and the app has already gained a decent amount of funding. If you like the way that this app sounds, you can back the startup on Kickstarter now.