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  • Best Black Friday Tech Deals
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Black Friday is finally here! Do you have a list of great deals yet? If you’re not sure what to buy as far as tech goes, this list will help you out. There are lots of excellent tech deals this Black Friday season, but only a handful are actually worth your dollars. Don’t be fooled by minor discounts that seem like great deals, bring those barcode scanning apps with you, and take a look at the following list before you buy.

Virgin Mobile Deals

Virgin is a decent cellphone company to deal with. Not only will your voicemail talk to you with a cool British accent, but the Virgin Mobile website is also easy to navigate, bills are simple to pay, and speaking with anyone from Virgin is always a breeze. This Black Friday, you can get your hands on a HTC EVO V 4G for just $99. Virgin is also offering the Galaxy Reverb for $100. Not in the market for a new smartphone? Fear not, there are more great Black Friday deals ahead!

DVD Players, TVs, and More

Walmart has some good deals today. If you want a new Blu-ray player (or someone on your list does), you can pick up the LG BP 125 Blu-ray for just $38. If you find a Best Buy store, you can also pick up a 40-inch Toshiba HDTV for just $180. Sony is also offering a great sounding soundbar for just $300 on the Sony site. Looking for a new camera? There are lots of great camera deals today too.

Get Ready to Shoot

Amazon has the best camera deal by far this year. You can snag a Nikon D3100 for $477 (comes with an 18-55mm lens). This deal is happening today only (and while cameras last), so do make sure and shop now. Best Buy has some point-and-click camera deals today too. The Nikon Coolpix is retailing today for 50% off it regular price (that puts the camera at $129). Does someone on your list want a new tablet?

Tablets and PCs

Target beats out Walmart this year in the tablet game. Walmart is offering the older iPad for $399 (my advice: wait on this one), but Target has the new iPad for $500 – and you’ll get a $60 gift card to go along with that purchase. The best PC deal to be had today comes from Amazon. You can purchase a Dell Ultrabook for $310 from Amazon today only.

Apple is offering the MacBook Air starting at $898; iPod Nanos at $138; iPod Touch at $178; and prices on MacBook Pros have been dropped roughly $100. You’ll also find small price drops on iPads and other devices from Apple if you look at the Apple website. Apple is also offering free shipping on devices today only.

Deals For All

As you can see, there are lots of Black Friday deals happening right now. The best part is that most of these deals are happening online, so you don’t even have to leave your home to get your hands on a new device. Just remember: you aren’t the only one shopping today, so grab what you want as soon as possible!