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  • What’s Coming From RIM (BlackBerry)
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After many months of decline, Research In Motion (RIM) stock jumped 12% in recent weeks. Investors are clearly seeing something that hasn’t arrived quite yet. Why the jump in RIM stock? Is BlackBerry still alive? While long ago perceived as a somewhat dead platform, it seems as though RIM may not be a thing of the past after all. There’s a good reason why RIM stock is on the rise, though. That reason has to do with news that RIM announced a few months ago.

On January 30, the new BB10 phones will be launched. RIM has stated that these phones will be drastically different from past updates – a good thing. So far, RIM hasn’t listed many details about the upcoming phones, but there are a few things that are already known. If you’re tired of the same-old-same-old from RIM, here’s what you can expect from the new BB10 phones.

Screen Size and Other Details

Reportedly, one of the new BB10 phones will have a 4.2-inch screen and 1,280x768-pixel resolution. Another newcomer is expected to have an 8-megapixel camera, and a final phone should have a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. Other than these details, it’s hard to state what RIM will come out with next. The company has told press, however, that the new phones will not resemble the older models. RIM has consistently disappointed BlackBerry enthusiasts by creating new phones that look just like older ones. It’s time, no doubt, for a change.

Is It Too Late for RIM? Only Time Will Tell.

RIM definitely has a lot to live up to now that a whole new slew of Windows phones have launched and new iPhones have been released. Will RIM be able to create phones that effectively compete with what Apple and other companies have created? Is there room for a new BlackBerry? As more and more RIM fans turn towards other companies after tiring of RIM’s same old offerings, it might be hard for the Canadian company to win fans once again. This time around, BlackBerry phones have to be able to keep up with the competition while still appeasing that business-minded crowd.

While RIM’s BlackBerry 10 phones won’t hit the market in time for the holiday season, lots of BlackBerry fans will be keeping their eyes on what RIM does this time around. If you used to be a BlackBerry fan but have since given up on RIM, you may want to see what the company comes up with this time (before switching to another company or seeking another phone). RIM has promised that this time will be different, and stockholders certainly seem to believe in that promise.

Will you check out the new BlackBerry 10 phones or have you had enough of RIM? If you have bought stock in the company, do you expect RIM to pull its head out of the murky smartphone graveyard? Stay tuned for more information about RIM’s new phones when RIM makes the official announcement on Jan 30th – hopefully, the Waterloo company will live up to this launch date promise.