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  • BlackBerry App World 3.0: What to Expect
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One of the biggest complains that avid BlackBerry users have is it’s tough to find apps through BlackBerry’s App World. Making every attempt to keep existing users and appeal to new users, Research In Motion has been listening to user complaints. The result is a newly revised App World – App World 3.0 to be specific.

If you have a BlackBerry, you should be able to access App World 3.0 at the time of this writing. Once you do, you’ll find that this version of App World is much improved. If you don’t have a BlackBerry, but are thinking about getting one, you will be happy to know that the newest version of App World is receiving positive reviews. For starters, RIM has made it a lot simpler to find apps using this version of App World.

Search and Categorize

iPhone users are blessed with the Apple App Store. As with most things Apple related, the App Store makes it simple to find apps, rate apps, and look for any app using a search bar. RIM seems to have taken a few cues from Apple. Users can now looking for apps according to specific categories such as “popular,” “road trip essentials,” “starter kit,” “games,” and other useful topics of interest.

In addition, App World users can now search for a new app by using the handy search bar that RIM has included. This is something that Apple got right from the start, and it’s sure to be something that BlackBerry users will enjoy as well. Not only has RIM made it simpler to search for apps and find new apps, but the Canadian-based company has also made it easier for users to navigate through App World.

Sharing and Navigating

RIM revamped icons, made the home screen prettier, and included some other design enhancements, but these are mostly superficial. Aside from the new ability to search for and discover apps, RIM has also created a “My Downloads” folder that lets users keep track of downloads, and the option to share apps through a choice of social networks.

Mostly, the changes that RIM has made to App World 3.0 are subtle, but they are, in fact, needed changes that BlackBerry users will appreciate. Choosing to use a BlackBerry device over all other devices is a choice that few people make. Yet, those who do depend on BlackBerry like these smartphones a lot. RIM has taken a lot of heat lately for not keeping up with other smartphone designs, but it seems as though the company is still on relatively solid ground.

The addition of new BlackBerry smartphones, a completely renovated App World 3.0, and various other improvements has made some people turn their attention to BlackBerry once more. If you’re currently an iPhone user, will you find BlackBerry’s new App World 3.0 useful or innovative? Maybe not. But, if you love your BlackBerry, you will appreciate the fact that RIM has been paying attention to what consumers want in a BlackBerry app store.