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  • Is BlackBerry Going Private?
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There hasn't been much to report in the way of BlackBerry lately. Aside from the company's latest devices and operating system, BlackBerry news has been relatively hush. Today, the company has made a new statement that has some shareholders curious as to what the company's next steps may be.

BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, has stated that the company is considering going private. Right now, BlackBerry is a publicly traded company (BBRY), which was a good move for the company at the start. Now, though, BlackBerry is looking for some solitude away form the public eye.

What Going Private Would Mean

In order to go private, BlackBerry has to find the right amount of funding and a private buyer. As a company that is losing when it comes to users and profits, BlackBerry doesn't look all that appealing to most would-be buyers right now. It should also be mentioned that BlackBerry has not put out any official sale signs, so the company is simply thinking about a private move right now.

Thorsten Heins has also stated that the company will be introducing new BlackBerry products running on BlackBerry 10 within the next eight months. What these products might be or when, exactly, we can expect them is still unknown. What is known is that BlackBerry is a sinking ship, and it needs a life saver right now.

Sale Ahead

The only thing left for BlackBerry to do is to sell the company as a whole or sell it off in parts. Some of the company's technology might be of interest to buyers, but few buyers want the company in its entirety - it's just too much of a wasted mess. This is a very sad story for the Waterloo company that once was great.

Devices that didn't keep up with the times and a lack of innovation (in addition to corporate shuffling) left BlackBerry in shambles. If the company can find funding and a buyer, going private might be one of the few options the company has that doesn't involve a complete take down. There's something else at play here too.

Government Intervention

Ottawa reviews all big company takeovers, and this would be the case with BlackBerry. Even though the Canadian Government hardly ever vetoes a sale, it does happen. If BlackBerry does find a buyer, the company has to make sure that the government will be happy with the buy. Otherwise, the sale will not go through.

However, Ottawa has stated many times that the success of BlackBerry is important, though the government does not have any idea how this might happen. For now, BlackBerry remains tattered and worn. Heins and lots of shareholders are waiting to see what the next move this company makes will be.

On a side note: the recent devices that BlackBerry has put out are, in fact, worth looking into. Even though the BlackBerry store does not have as many apps as Google's Play or App's App Store, the phones that BlackBerry has recently designed are nice to use and play with - take a look!