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  • The New BBM 6

Research In Motion’s Blackberry Messenger Application (BBM) is immensely popular amongst Blackberry users. The company did something right when they created the original BBM. So right that die-hard Blackberry fans wouldn’t give up the beloved messenger system for any Apple or Android phone.

But, these users were also getting a bit tired of waiting around for Blackberry to invent something new and different. In response to bad press, poor stocks, and dissatisfied customers, Research In Motion created BBM 6. This new messenger service includes a good deal of social interaction through apps. The new service is promising.

The New BBM 6

The new BBM 6 is focused on app and social integration. Users will discover that social gaming exists through the new messenger, and app discovery is laced throughout the application. What can the new BBM do that the old messenger system couldn’t do? For starters, the new BBM allows users to message one another while playing a game. Users can also invite BBM friends to join in a game without ever leaving the game itself.

Another great feature that Research In Motion has included is app discovery. By viewing a list of apps that a friend has, users can preview these apps and download any interesting apps instantly. This type of discovery makes it easy for users to spread the word about a new app quickly. In short, the new BBM is a developer’s dream.

Future Partners

Rumor has it that Research In Motion is in talks with a number of potential partners. These partners include giants such as Foursquare. RIM is hoping to bring some popular app developers to the Blackberry realm in order to prevent current Blackberry users from switching to Android or iPhone.

Observationally, smartphone users who have been with Blackberry for years are resisting the pressure to leave RIM for any other smartphone company. There are few phones available that act like the Blackberry, and those who like their RIM phones like them a lot. Now that RIM has come out with some Blackberry upgrades, this may be enough to keep devoted Blackberry users from straying.

Innovation May Not Be the Next Move

Every tech blog across the Internet has been calling for RIM to create something new and innovative. RIM has responded with newer versions of old phones. It is possible that the future of Research In Motion doesn’t lay in the newest and best smartphone development. Perhaps the company will survive the tech wave simply by providing users with solid phones that work.

Sure, RIM could stand to add some features to certain phones. But, in the end, those who have become used to the Blackberry way of life may not be looking for an Apple or Android type phone. Instead, theses users may just be searching for an updated phone with a better BBM system. If this is what current Blackberry users are seeking, RIM has delivered.

The new BBM will be available through the RIM website as of July 28, 2011. If you have a Blackberry phone, BBM 6 is well worth looking into.